Over the past few months, Northwest AEA prepared many documents, which were reviewed by the Iowa Department of Education for the agency’s accreditation. Just as schools are accredited so, too, are Iowa’s AEAs. Every five years, we move into a few months of self-reflection, in addition to the daily tasks, to evaluate what we are doing well and to learn where improvements can be made.

I’m extremely proud of the work being done on a daily basis by our AEA employees. We are making great strides as we create deeper relationships in schools through the Instructional Coach/Special Education Strategist model. Collaborating via these relationships, AEA and school staff can key-in on student needs more effectively.

The Early Childhood Department staff also continues to be integral partners with families and preschools. We hear over and over again how many families wouldn’t know where to turn if it weren’t for these employees.

As we continue to conduct self-evaluations, we encourage you to do the same. Find some time—even a few minutes a day—to take a step back and look at the big picture. Ask how you can become a better-version-of-yourself. What can you start doing, and, even more importantly, what can you stop doing to become that person? A few minutes a day can make the difference of simply “going through the motions” to living a life with purpose.

AEA employees hope to aid in the goals you set for yourself. Our blogs are meant to inspire and guide your daily work. Please check them out here:

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Educationally yours,

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator