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This month's search was "Earth Day."

Earth Day (005500)
394.262/CEL; Cella, Clara; K-12 books, P, 24 pg, Capstone Press, 2013; GE195.5; 9781429687300
Full-color photographs and simple text provide a brief introduction to Earth Day.

Earth Day: Celebrate the Earth
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:55, Slim Goodbody, 2009
On Earth Day you an work together to keep the earth healthy.

Earth Day Every Day (000430)
333.72/BUL; Bullard, Lisa; K-12 books, P, 24 pg, Millbrook Press, 2012; 2010053466; 0761385126
Trina, concerned that people are doing things that hurt the Earth, motivates her friends and family to develop a variety of Earth Day projects and to keep the good work going all year long.

Earth Day Birthday (707066)
782.42/SCH; SCHNETZLER, PATTIE; K-12 books, PI, 32 pg, DAWN PUBLICATIONS, 2003
Set to the familiar music of "The Twelve Days of Christmas", verses describes different animals that illustrate the wonders of the wild world. Includes a factual section about Earth Day and ways to celebrate it.

Everyday is Earth Day on the Farm (072018)
Videocassette, PIJ, 25 min, Chris Fesko Enterprises, 1999
Captures the farm habitat, including surrounding wildlife, and illustrates the delicate interaction of the farmer and nature. Examines the effects of the water cycle and contemporary environmental practices on agricultural ecology. Emphasizes the importance of proper land management and protecting the ecosystem. Focuses on the stewardship of the land. Looks at the merits of strip cropping, the plowing of fields, and shows a turkey dinner.

video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Primary, 00:10:28, Slim Goodbody, 2006
Slim Goodbody uses the theme of Earth Day to present simple and fun exercises. This episode also includes fun facts about Wyoming, such as its capital and flag.

Video Quiz: Earth Day
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:02:11, Colman Communications, 2005
Video Quiz: Earth Day

Part 3: How We Celebrate Earth Day & Keep The Earth Healthy
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:05:21, Colman Communications, 2005
Communities plan Earth Day activities at many nature centers which teach us what we can do to keep the Earth healthy.

This Day in History, April 22
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:01:29, A&E Television Networks, 2007
Earth Day, an event to increase public awareness of the world's environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time with rallies, marches, and educational programs.

Holiday Facts & Fun: Earth Day, 2nd Edition
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:14:14, Colman Communications, 2005
This video tells the story behind Earth Day, and illustrates the importance of establishing a healthful environment on the land, in the air, and in the waters of our planet. More importantly, the video shows youngsters what they can do today, and in the future, to help protect planet Earth.

Part 1: Our Wonderful Earth
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:01:59, Colman Communications, 2005
Land, food, water, and air are all provided by our Earth, and it is so important that April 22 has been designated as Earth Day.