Multiple Copies


Teachers and teacher librarians are often looking for multiple copies of a title. Northwest AEA does provide access to multiple copies of books. You’ll be able to find multiple copies of professional books for teachers, K-12 books for students, and digital copies of books that either have unlimited simultaneous access or multiple copies.

At Northwest AEA, all of our staff participate in professional book studies with colleagues. After a group completes their book study, these books are available to teachers and can be checked out from our lending library. Here’s a link to those available titles. You can also find this list by using the resource list pull-down menu.

We also have multiple copies of K-12 books. The easiest way to find these titles is to use the advanced search and check the books with multiple copies box.  Currently this will bring up 882 results. You’ll then be able to filter those results by audience levels, copyright year and subject.

Many of our ebooks are available as multiple copies. All of our subscription ebook resources (BookFlix, TrueFlix, FreedomFlix, Cybersmarts and Fable Learning) have unlimited simultaneous access which essentially means all of your students can read the same book at the same time. As a sidebar, we’ve learned that Fable Learning’s parent company is going out of business so we will lose access to that resource that includes bilingual titles at the end of this school year.

Finally, MackinVia also has many ebooks with unlimited simultaneous access. The easiest way to find these titles within MackinVia is to do an advanced search as well. Choose more and select multi-user. All of those titles found in that search have unlimited simultaneous access.

Unfortunately, MackinVia doesn’t have a way to search that helps users easily find books with limited, multiple copies. At this point, you’ll need to search for a specific title to see if that title has been purchased and if we have the title, plus how many copies of that title are available. There are titles with multiple copies of 100, or 50 or 20. Bear in mind, however, that these multiple copies were purchased by a group of AEAs so they are shared with students across Iowa.

If you have questions, please ask. Remember that our media catalog makes it easy to recommend resources. Use the contact pull-down menu and choose request for purchase. Fill out the online form and click on the send button. We will certainly give every request serious consideration.