April 2020

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Relationships. Responsiveness. Results.

Northwest AEA employees are committed to providing support and resources to our families and school partners during this unprecedented COVID-19 situation. We are here for you. Our agency is anchored in fostering and maintaining positive, professional relationships; providing responsive service; and helping our families and school partners get the results they seek.  

As the DE shared in their guidance document last Friday, “AEAs have multiple resources available to support schools as they identify, develop, and provide voluntary educational enrichment opportunities and/or required educational services. These include online resources, materials, and suggestions for alternate ways of accessing material, consultation, and technical assistance. Schools are encouraged to include consideration of how their AEA staff can support their local continuing education efforts as they are doing their planning. AEA regional administrators as well as their regional staff are available to district leaders as they consider their local possibilities. 

Examples of how AEA staff may support districts include but are not limited to: 

  • Assisting districts in identifying instructional materials; 
  • Helping teachers modify materials, instruction, and activities so that all students can access and benefit from the district’s continuing education efforts; 
  • Consulting with districts as they develop a continuing education plan; and 
  • Working with districts and schools to ensure that equity is properly considered. 

Typical services provided by the AEA to a district, including special education services, resume when schools provide continuous learning through required educational service. These services are provided within a reasonable extent possible, considering health and safety factors related to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

The work that you are doing to take care of the academic, social, emotional, and nutritional needs of students right now is appreciated immensely. Here is a link to an Iowa Department of Education page that addresses these needs. The DE is collaborating to provide access to educational enrichment options for students, parents, and educators during the temporary disruption of classroom learning due to COVID-19 

As you take care of others, make sure that you are taking care of yourself and your family as well. We will get through this together.  


Dan Cox
Chief Administrator