The end of the year is near, but there is still lots of important learning that needs to take place. Spring fever is in full force, days off have been hijacked by snow make-up days and tempers are maybe a bit shorter than normal. In times like this, having a scripted, explicit strategy to use when correcting behavior problems can be quite helpful. I suggest trying the FLIP IT strategy to keep yourself on track with best practice. In general, when correcting behavioral errors you should:

  1. Respond calmly & privately, maintaining dignity & respect for ALL
  2. Direct/remind student of expected behavior
  3. Provide clear, consistent consequences related to the behavioral error

Error corrections need to be contingent (occurs directly after the behavior error), brief (think less is more with your spoken words), and specific. FLIP IT! can help structure this for you (Feelings, Limits, Inquiries & Prompts). 

These two videos are helpful tools to implement this strategy today:

FLIP IT! Overview (2:30)

FLIP IT! In action (3:20)

*Reminder: Don’t forget to provide behavior specific praise at the earliest opportunity (shoot for a 5:1 ratio) to reinforce the desired behavior!