As we prepare for next year, what steps might you take to onboard new staff and ensure sustainability for the systems you have worked hard to develop? The Intervention Guide and Universal Tier Tools provide great resources to help teams develop consensus (one-page resource on consensus). Consensus building is an important step towards implementation of your priorities.  

“Attention to consensus means that staff and administration understand the "why" behind change and have a voice to productively ask questions and participate in decision-making.  Consensus rests upon the belief that we are better together, and different perspectives make our action planning better.  Consensus should be attended to throughout the continuous improvement process.  In Universal Tier, teams should specifically examine beliefs about universal tier, as well as create an environment of open communication, so that practices can be honestly examined and prioritized. This page provides a variety of think-abouts and action steps to attend to Universal Tier Beliefs and Consensus.” - Universal Tier Tools

Keep moving those fists to fives!