Amelia Earhart: Young Aviator (444308) Intermediate, Junior High (IJ).

The Big6 Goes Primary!: Teaching Information and Communications Technology Skills in Grades K-3 (444359) Physical Illustrated; 194 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher LINWORTH PUBLISHING, INC (2124) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Discusses how to use the Big6 method to teach information and communications technology skills to kindergarten through third grade students, and describes lessons and activities.

Change Leadership: A Practical Guide to Transforming Our Schools (444636) Physical Illustrated; 265 pages Copyrighted 2006 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Jossey-Bass (1208) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Offers education leaders practical advice and strategies to help them transform their schools into effective, accountable institutions better able to cope with the challenges schools face in the twenty-first century.

China ABCs: A Book About People and Places of China (444369) Physical 32 pages Copyrighted 2004 Distributor Picture Window Books (3751) Publisher Picture Window Books (3751) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Series Country ABCs (3966) Synopsis An alphabetical exploration of the people, geography, animals, plants, history, and culture of China.

Connecting With the Arts: A Workshop For Middle Grades Teachers Programs 5-8 (444539) Physical Color; Captioned; 240 minutes Copyrighted 2004 Distributor Annenberg Media (4059) Producer Education Development Center (3596) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Explores how integrating the arts with other subjects can benefit middle school students by raising the level of student engagement, addressing diverse learning styles, establishing the relevance of learning, and providing alternative ways to communicate. Contains 2 DVD's in 1 case.

Dealing With Family Stress (444420) Physical Color; Captioned; 15 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Sunburst (0093) Producer Bureau for at Risk Youth (0334) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Stay In School (2654) Synopsis Uses true-to-life dramatic scenarios that reflect the crises teens face in their own homes. The stories demonstrate effective skills and strategies students can use to function well, stay focused on school, and handle the stress successfully, Encourages teens to recognize that they are not responsible for solving adult problems; that they can take action to have a satisfying life, and insure a successful future by participating fully in school and academic life.

The Economics classroom: a workshop for grade 9-12 teachers (444537) Physical Color; Captioned; 480 minutes Copyrighted 2002 Distributor Annenberg Media (4059) Series The Economics classroom (2926) Synopsis Host and economist, Timothy Taylor, defines economics concepts and outlines modern economic theory. The series provides a foundation for teaching the concepts covered in high school economics courses. Topics range from personal finance to global economic forces. Features unscripted footage of economics classrooms, interspersed with reflections by teachers and students.

Engaging Autism: Using the Floortime Approach to Help Children Relate, Communicate, and Think (444453) Physical 434 pages Copyrighted 2006 Publisher Da Capo Press (4159) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Greenspan and Wieder start out by redefining autism in realistic yet positive terms which open the door for successful intervention: instead of focusing solely on the autistic spectrum, a more flexible axis measuring progress, on which placement is not fixed, can give parents and children a "a healthy developmental trajectory," taking into account such goals as "showing intimacy and warmth ... communicating with gestures ... and talking meaningfully." The authors give readers a pragmatic approach to thinking about people on the autistic spectrum, including specific ideas for enhancing connectivity and communication in people of any age. Most of the text is used to help develop an engaging program for someone with autism, including resources and examples, in order to address "relationships, specific behaviors, the creative use of ideas, and the various processing areas.

50 Simple Ways to Make Teaching More Fun: If You're a Teacher You Gotta Have This Book! (444647) Physical 158 minutes Copyrighted 1993 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Producer Sopris West (1023) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Uses a humorous approach to provide practical teaching hints. Offers teaching suggestions that can be used immediately and without the need for special materials or preparations.

The Grant Proposal Project: A Student Centered High School Project Highlighting Characteristics of Effective Instruction of the Iowa Core Curriculum (444587) Physical Color; Sound Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Heartland AEA11 (0202) Producer Heartland AEA11 (0202) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Shows a teacher actively engaging in and demonstrating characteristics of effective instruction - student centered instruction, teaching for understanding, assessment for learning, rigorous and relevant work, and teaching for learner differences - according to the Iowa Core Curriculum. Features a student project in which they are to create a nonprofit organizaions to support a verified need in the community. DVD 1 reviews all aspects of the Grant Proposal Project from first day to final presentation in front of adult community member panel. DVD 2 contains an interview of teacher Sarah Brown Wessling. DVD 3 contains interviews of various groups offering insights into the Grant Proposal Project and classroom learning.

Historical Fiction for Young Readers (Grades 4-8): An Introduction (444358) Physical 489 pages Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Libraries Unlimited (1156) Audience Adult (A) Series Children's and Young Adult Literature Reference (3798) Synopsis Examines various aspects of the historical fiction genre, and provides information about eighty recommended historical fiction novels published for young readers since the 1990s, each including a plot summary and selected passages.

Holt 2006 Mathematics In Context: Algebra: Comparing Quantities (Student Edition grade 6) (421396) Publisher Holt, Rinehart and Winston (0311) Collection Professional Collection Synopsis Funded in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation, Mathematics in Context consists of mathematical tasks and questions set in realistic context. It is designed to stimulate mathematical thinking and to promote discussion among students. Curriculum textbook materials for teaching Mathematics - Algebra. Student edition. Published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2006 for grade 6.

The Incredible 5-Point Scale: Assisting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional Responses (444592) Physical 73 pages Copyrighted 2003 Publisher Autism Asperger Publishing Co. (4596) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Two teachers share their successful use of the simple concept of 5-point scales to help students understand and control their emotional reactions to everyday events that might otherwise set in emotion escalating reactions. Whether it is inappropriate touching, obsessions, yelling, hitting or making hurtful statements to classmates, this clearly illustrated book shows how to break down a given behavior and, with the student's active participation, develop a unique scale that identifies the problem and suggests alternative, positive behaviors at each level of the scale.

MacMillan McGraw-Hill 2005 Health & Wellness (Grade 8) (401455) Copyrighted 2005 Publisher MACMILLAN FILMS, INCORPORATED (2827) Audience Junior High (J) Synopsis Curriculum textbook materials for teaching Health - General. Items include student edition, teacher edition and teacher resource. Published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill for grade 8.

MacMillan McGraw-Hill 2005 Spotlight On Music (Grade 5) (401466) Copyrighted 2005 Publisher MACMILLAN FILMS, INCORPORATED (2827) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Curriculum textbook materials for teaching Music - General. Items include student edition, teacher edition and 2 teacher resources. Published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill for grade 5.

The Power of place : geography for the 21st Century (444536) Physical Color; Captioned; 728 minutes Copyrighted 2003 Distributor Annenberg Media (4059) Audience Senior High, Adult (SA) Series The Power of place : geography for the 21st century (2716) Synopsis Educators and content experts from around the globe look at the physical, human, political, historical, economic and cultural factors that affect people and natural environments. Series includes 52 case studies from 36 countries, each case study reflecting the issues of our 21st century world viewed from a geographical perspective. Series includes new interviews, maps, video footage, graphics, coordinated website, links to state standards textbooks, faculty guide and study guide.

Primary Source Teaching the Web 2.0 Way, K-12 (444351) Physical Illustrated; 148 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher LINWORTH PUBLISHING, INC (2124) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Reviews primary source concepts and beginning analysis techniques, identifies organizations that can help educators in their efforts to prepare their students for the twenty-first-century workplace, features a listing of popular Web 2.0 tools with descriptions and suggestions for using them with primary sources, and provides lessons and resources for six categories of primary sources.

Setting Goals for Success (444419) Physical Color; Captioned; 13 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Sunburst (0093) Producer Bureau for at Risk Youth (0334) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Stay In School (2654) Synopsis Challenges students to set goals they care about, break goals down into smaller parts, and plan ahead for setbacks. Uses realistic scenarios and characters students can relate to, to help young teens see possibilities for themselves that they may not have seen before. Also shows students that working cooperatively with others can help them reach their goals. They also learn that accomplishments are the result of thoughtful planning and deliberate actions, not just the result of good luck.

Thematic Inquiry Through Fiction and Nonfiction, PreK to Grade 6 (444356) Physical Illustrated; 121 pages Copyrighted 2009 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher LINWORTH PUBLISHING, INC (2124) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Contains sixteen thematic inquiry units for students in preschool through sixth grade, each with a sample dialogic reading, examples, activities, and assessments; grouped in the categories of personal well-being, products people make and use, the community, and outdoor recreation.

Write in the middle: a workshop for middle school teachers /. 1-4 (444542) Physical Color; Captioned; 232 minutes Copyrighted 2004 Distributor Annenberg (0128) Series Write in the middle : a workshop for middle school teachers (3845) Synopsis Graduate credit video series uses classroom footage of teachers using successful strategies and interviews with teachers, students, and nationally recognized experts, to introduce ways to create a positive and productive writing environment for young adolescents.