The Denison Community School District believes strongly in effective communication, relationship-building and providing a systematic approach to education. This has been translated in a priority statement created by the Denison Community School Board: To focus on building strong relationships and good communication between all people both in and out of the district.   

One of the strong relationships created by Denison CSD is with Northwest AEA. Superintendent Mike Pardun had this to say, "We are pleased with our partnerships with Northwest AEA. We currently have successful links in the areas of interpreting, instructional coaching, English as a Second Language and various professional development activities."

Superintendent Pardun feels these relationships help Denison staff provide the most efficient and effective programming for their students and community. 

Deb Krager, regional facilitator at Northwest AEA, says working with the Denison Community School District has been a pleasure because they are open to new ideas and have a visionary perspective.
Denison made the decision to participate in the Northwest AEA Instructional Coach model this year. Both organizations have collectively found this model to be a very positive way to provide educational services. The success of this model clearly depends on the strategist/coach’s ability to communicate clearly, build relationships and support teachers.

"We will hopefully continue celebrating what we have accomplished, but also continue to raise the bar a little higher each time we succeed," Krager stated.