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The new patron catalog is called SNAP, and it has an updated, modern look. Similar to other Iowa AEA Online databases used by teachers, SNAP allows users to easily filter or narrow searches to find specific instructional resources. Ordering materials is as easy as filling your cart with the resources you want and submitting your request. Northwest AEA anticipates ordering more digital content in the future, and SNAP has an embedded video player that will allow teachers to view and download digital videos purchased by Northwest AEA or Prairie Lakes AEA.

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Winter Holiday Stories (435677)
DVD, P, 27, SC, Weston Woods, 2001; 9781555929701;
Presents animated versions of three notable holiday stories.

Trees in the Winter
video, Primary - Intermediate, 00:01:37, Janson, 2004
Explains how trees can survive in below freezing temperatures.

Winter Sea
Winter icescape on the Beaufort Sea.

Winter Sports (443055)
Boxed Books 2006+, PI,

Birds in Winter (078199)
Videocassette, PIJ, 11, Phoenix Learning Group, 1975
Shows the kinds of birds which can be studied in winter, such as cardinals, juncoes, and woodpeckers. Discusses ways to attract birds to feeding places.

Brian's Winter (410476)
Gary Paulsen; Audiocassette, IJ, 180, SN, Audio Editions, 1996
Provides an intriguing alternative ending to Hatchet. Instead of being rescued, Brian must face an even more dangerous winter environment in the north Canadian woods.

Poems For Winter (022707)
808.81/POE; K-12 books, PI, 48p, GUMDROP BOOKS, 1994
An anthology of poems reflecting winter by such authors as Robert Frost, Carl Sandburg, and A.A. Milne.

Winter and Snow (068231)
Videocassette, IJ, 15, AGC United Learning, 2001
Describes the characteristics of the winter season, emphasizing winter safety precautions. Explains how snow is formed by ice crystals. Defines blizzards, windchill, frostbite, hypothermia, ice storms, and winter storms. Concludes with a ten question quiz. Includes public performance rights and the right to broadcast via the ICN. [Supporting materials available online at and at] CLOSED CAPTIONED.

Winter on the Farm (072017)
Videocassette, PIJ, 25, Chris Fesko Enterprises, 1996
Provides an upclose view of farm life during the season of winter. Demonstrates the many chores that still need to be done during the winter months, such as shoeing horses, feeding the animals, milking the cows, splitting wood, trimming apple trees, and repairing farm machinery. Shows how trees are tapped to collect sap for making maple syrup. Follows a veterinarian as he gives the cows a check-up and shows the farm children going to and from school and as they play outside.

Winter of 1776
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:03:31, A&E Television Networks, 2006
When winter comes in 1776, Britain puts war on hold, waiting for spring. Washington looks for ways take advantage this opportunity. He crosses the Delaware River and attacks Hessian troops.

Learn to Sign the Word Winter
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Senior High, 00:00:56, Two Little Hands Productions, 2009
Learn to sign the word winter in American Sign Language.

It's Winter, Dear Dragon (503524)
F/HIL; Hillert, Margaret; K-12 books, P, 32p, Norwood House Press, 2210; 9781599533148
A boy and his pet dragon go sledding, make a snow fort, and have a snowball fight with friends on a fun winter day.

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! (449573)
F/WRI3; Wright, Maureen; K-12 books, P, Follett, 2009; 0761455604
As winter comes and Big Bear prepares to hibernate, he keeps thinking he hears Old Man Winter giving him exhausting orders that prevent him from sleeping.

Safe Winter Driving (448197)
DVD, SA, SC, 2005
Winter driving presents special driving hazards. This program reviews special safety techniques to help employees overcome winter driving hazards. Keep your workers safe on the road this winter.