During this busy time of the year, as we gather for the holidays, it's important to count our many blessings. One extremely important item that we all need to be thankful for and appreciate is the education system in our state and country. Too often, we hear how teachers and students are missing the mark. If those comments were put into context more often, we might find that our system is not as dysfunctional as some would like to believe.

We live in a country where teachers have made a major contribution to world leaders. In fact, America has produced 270 Nobel Prize winners, more than the next five countries combined. America filed over 50,000 international patents, more than the next three countries combined. America consistently provides foreign aid, more than double that of the next contributing nation. Many of these accomplishments are only capable of being accomplished because of America’s great teachers and educators, like yourselves.

Let's be proud of the professions we all chose and start focusing on the positive things we do collectively and individually on a daily basis. To help in that process, we hope our monthly blogs will inform, inspire and guide your daily work. Please check them out here:

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Educationally yours,

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator