* This letter was sent to Northwest AEA staff. It has been reprinted with permission by Jennifer Carley, mother of Phoenix. The photo of Phoenix and Jennifer was submitted by the family.

Dear Ms. Jungers & all Hunt Staff who have worked with Phoenix (which I'm sure is almost everyone),

I'd like to take a moment to convey a sincere thank you for all of the help you have extended to Phoenix, myself & our family. As many of you know, when Phoenix started kindergarten this year, he was disruptive, uncooperative, had poor communication skills & was sometimes violent. While we still have our bad days from time to time, I feel they are much more infrequent episodes. (In major part thanks to the extreme teamwork I've seen displayed at Hunt School). Phoenix's improvement continues to impress me every day! I am proud to say that my son is a Hunt Tiger & that this school truly does care about the success & well being of their students.

Thank you all again for your dedication & patience with Phoenix. Unlike the past, he loves going to school now and tells me daily about the new things he learns. =) Even with some bumps in the road, I feel that with our at home and at school "power team," we can continue to guide Phoenix down the correct path.

With all of my gratitude and respect,

Jennifer Carley