Hold an attitude of gratitude

This is the season of Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful and to give. As educators, we enter our field with the primary purpose of giving back to society and helping students and their families. This can be a great time of reflection for us.

I happen to be very thankful for all of the things I have in both my personal life and in my professional life. Professionally, we have a very stable and supportive educational system. Our communities are committed to education; yet, at the same time, we need to keep a vigilant watch over the attack on educators nationally.

The opportunities we have in our educational system have recently been put into context by a 16-year-old Pakistani student who was shot and left for dead by the Taliban for promoting education for women. Malala is a keen example of how people in the world yearn for the same opportunities we have in America. If you have a chance, take time to listen to Malala’s plea that all students—especially young women—deserve the same educational opportunities as we do in America.

Personally, this has been a year of thanks for me, too, as I welcomed my first grandchild. A friend of mine told me being a grandparent is one of the few things that is not overrated. Grandparents out there will agree: Children bring clarity to educational opportunities. My own grandson makes me even more committed to our profession because many students desperately need our support and help today.

My hope is that we can all extend the Thanksgiving season until the New Year and beyond. We all have so many blessings. We even have blessings that, at times, are disguised as negatives. It is so important to open our minds and hearts to opportunities that are presented to us on a daily basis. If we frame our perspectives so that we look for the good, we will likely find more success professionally and personally.

PLCs at Northwest AEA
On another note of gratitude, I would like to thank all of the employees at Northwest AEA who share their knowledge through their own Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). Last month, we highlighted the use of literacy kits. This month, we explore Curriculum Based Measures (CBM) by Bob Akins, Dave Curry, Kathy Jochims, Steve Mullenberg, Dennis Renes, Jerome Schaefer and Randy Wiese.

To learn more, see the Northwest AEA PLC work here: https://sites.google.com/a/nwaea.org/northwest-aea-plcs---2012-13---public/

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Educationally yours,

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator