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This month's search was "Winter Solstice." What will you search?

Winter Solstice, Cuzco and Machu Picchu
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:06:09, A&E Television Networks, 1997
On the winter solstice at the ancient fortress, Sacsayhuman, modern-day Incas celebrate the "Inti Raymi," a festival to honor the sun. At Machu Picchu scientists have discovered that on the winter solstice there is a building where the sun comes in an opening, strikes a huge stone and the sun's rays match up exactly with a line carved by the Incas suggesting that this building may have been a temple honoring the sun god. There is a stone carving the some believe may have been used to "capture the sun," but no one knows what its sculpted shape really was used for, and like much of Machu Picchu it remains a mystery.

Word Power - Solstice
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:51, Slim Goodbody, 2008
The term 'solstice' is important because of its ritualistic significance in cultures around the globe. Learn the original meaning of the word 'solstice' and what it means for us today.

Weather and Climate
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Junior High, 00:04:21, Sunburst Visual Media, 2002
Explains the difference between weather and climate, as well as talks about seasons and weather associated with seasons.

Solstices, Latitude, and Longitude
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Junior High, 00:01:54, VEA, 2006
See the Earth's position during summer and winter solstices. Learn the differences between latitude and longitude. Produced by an Australian publisher.

Nature In Winter (088106)
Videocassette, PIJS, 24 min, CARL FOWLER, 1995

Old Winter (027165)
F/RIC5; RICHARDSON, JUDITH; K-12 books, P, 32 pg, 1996
When the townspeople complain about the cold weather, Old Winter's feelings are hurt and he takes a long nap in the meat locker of the P & J Supermarket.

Not a Buzz to Be Found: Insects in Winter (001341)
595.7/GLA; Glaser, Linda; K-12 books, P, 32 pg, Millbrook Press, 2012; 2011001148; 0761356444
Looks at how monarch butterflies, woolly bear caterpillars, ladybird beetles, honeybees, mourning cloak butterflies, praying mantises, common pondhawk dragonflies, ants, gallflies, field crickets, bald-faced hornets, and black swallowtail butterflies spend the winter season.

Over and Under the Snow (001362)
591.4/MES; Messner, Kate; K-12 books, P, 38 pg, Chronicle Books, 2011; 2009028984; 0811867846
During a cross country ski trip through the winter woods, adventurers can discover all sorts of animals living under the snow.

People in Winter (440012)
508.2/RUS; Rustad, Martha E. H; K-12 books, P, 24 pg, Capstone Press, 2009; 9781429622011;
Text and photographs present people in winter.