NWAEA Resources on Pearl Harbor

Remembering Pearl Harbor Dec. 7


AEA Digital Library: AEA Digital Library primarily has full videos and video clips that can be streamed or downloaded.  An example of an available title on Pearl Harbor can be accessed on the AEA Digital Library Website You will need to know your Iowa AEA Online username/password.

Smoke at Pearl Harbor.

AP Images: You can find current and historical photos dating back to the 1840’s. AP Images is a wonderful source for primary source documents.


Britannica School: As you’d expect, Britannica provides encyclopedia articles. Articles are available at three different reading levels without changing the interface. In addition, find images, videos, and recommended websites on the topic you’re searching.  


Gale - Research in Context: Research in Context is Gale’s newest database and provides content from magazines, reference books, audio, video, newspapers and primary sources. To see all the resources available on Pearl Harbor.


Learn360 has 34 full-length videos and 142 video clips associated with the topic of Pearl Harbor. In addition, find images, speeches, timelines and historical maps. Click on the link to watch, Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack, available from Learn360.

Attack on Pearl Harbor book cover.

TeachingBooks: Interested in using literature in your classroom to connect to other content areas? TeachingBooks can help. TeachingBooks provides author interviews, books resources that include lesson plans and book readings, and links to authors' personal websites. See literature resources (both fiction and nonfiction) that correlate with Pearl Harbor.


The Attack on Pearl Harbor book cover.


FreedomFlix: How did the Pearl Harbor attack change the course of history? FreedomFlix is a resource that can help students answer that question. Students have unlimited, simultaneous access to the ebook, The Attack on Pearl Harbor. Students can choose to read the book or have the book read to them. In addition, FreedomFlix provides related websites, project ideas and an assessment tool.


Lending Library: Our lending library has K-12 books, boxed book sets, DVDs and multimedia kits. See what’s available on the topic of Pearl Harbor.


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A Shiloh Christmas book cover

We just added some Christmas/Winter holiday books to the collection. See what’s available.

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