You Be The Chemist® Essential Elements is a professional development program created by the Chemical Educational Foundation® (CEF). Essential Elements is designed to assist K–8 educators–-our “essential elements” in education–-in teaching chemistry concepts through hands-on learning and connecting those concepts to students’ everyday lives.

Essential Elements is based on the 5E constructivist learning cycle approach to teaching. This cycle allows students to build their own understanding of new concepts from both old ideas and their own experiences. During an Essential Elements workshop, an instructor will lead educators through a full 5E learning cycle, utilizing an exciting lesson from CEF’s YBTC Activity Guides. All teachers will receive a flash drive containing all of CEF’s Activity Guides.

Educational Merit
The Essential Elements professional development program provides educators with excellent insight on how to effectively implement hands-on learning strategies in the classroom. The knowledge gained during Essential Elements will aide educators in their mission to connect the concepts of chemistry to their students’ everyday lives.

The Activity Guides contain hands-on, student-centered activities that support the Next Generation Science Standards (guidelines for grade-appropriate material). Standardization concepts are the basis for statewide assessment exams.

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