In addition to the online digital resources Northwest AEA Media provides, we continue to purchase materials that are physically delivered to schools. We have a large collection of K-12 books. We continue to add to our playaway collection as well. Playaways are one of the most popular media formats and include an all-in-one audiobook that resembles an MP3 player. Playaways are packaged with a print book so students can listen to the book as they read it.  We’ve also begun adding robotics to our collection. They, too, are becoming extremely popular. Image of the SNAP search tool

You might wonder how you can locate new materials in our Lending Library. When you’re doing a search, notice the what’s new button under the search bar. If you click on the "what’s new button," you’ll see a list of all the materials that have been added to the catalog in the last eight months. You can sort your results by most recent additions. On the right side of the page, you can also filter your results by resource type, audience level, subject, copyright year, fiction and nonfiction. This makes it easier to see and access new materials in our collection.

We have also created lists of new items for you. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a Resource Lists pull down menu. You’ll be able to see a description of new items, as well as have the ability to create a PDF catalog of those items.

Finally, I’ve included links to mini PDF catalogs of new items. At one time, the AEAs printed catalogs for our schools. The catalogs were popular, but they were, unfortunately, out-of-date as soon as they came off the printing press. If you have any questions about using the online catalog, feel free to call us at Sioux City or Sioux Center. I’ve attached a guide that briefly explains how to use the online catalog.