The Iowa Association of School Boards unveiled a new campaign last week during their annual convention to highlight the great students and educators in our state. "The Promise of Iowa" is a campaign that demonstrates how Iowa is preparing all kids for future success; and the fact that Iowa education promotes equity, strengthens communities, and cultivates economic growth. Iowa educators and school districts are accountable and transparent.

Public education is the foundation of our democracy and a promise we make as Iowans to our children--that a great education helps dreams come true. Great public schools help children fulfill that promise and are the key to success for our communities, our economy and our state.

• Iowa public schools help students discover their full potential and reach a bright future.
• Iowa public schools are community-owned centers that prepare and empower students to make a living, a life and a difference.
• Iowa public schools have a significant impact on Iowa's economic growth and quality of life in communities.

Your investment in public schools matters, and it’s invaluable to Iowa’s current and future generations.

Please watch for more announcements from The Promise of Iowa, which is supported by Iowa's AEA system, and share the message about how education and students in Iowa have tremendous potential for our state!