Most teachers welcome sites that provide lesson plans, project ideas and resources that can be used in the classroom. The website, Teachers Pay Teachers is a testimonial to that. Pinterest is also a popular site where teachers find ideas that can be used in the classroom.

Did you know that many of the Iowa AEA Online resources have lesson plans and project ideas for your use? There is no cost required for utilizing these lesson plans. What’s more, these lesson plans help you successfully integrate the online resources into your curriculum. They also are tied to state curriculum standards. 

Let’s take a quick look at what is available from Scholastic, specifically the quartet of “Flix” resources that include BookFlix, TrueFlix, FreedomFlix and ScienceFlix.

  • BookFlix (PreK-3): BookFlix pairs a fiction title with a nonfiction title.  Every pair of books includes puzzlers, explore the web, and a lesson plan. In the upper right corner, you can also find a link to teacher resources.
  • TrueFlix (2-5) TrueFlix provides content for Social Studies and Science. Each book provides additional resources, a project idea, an activity center that includes a downloadable comprehension quiz, and again a lesson plan. Like BookFlix, you’ll find a link to resources and tools in the upper right corner of the page.
  • FreedomFlix (4-9) FreedomFlix has information on American history, but also has content on ancient cultures as well. FreedomFlix has additional resources, project ideas, lesson plans, recommended web sites, and a comprehension quiz that can be downloaded. It also includes interactive, whiteboard activities for many of the titles. Like the others, click on the resources and tools link in the upper right corner.
  • ScienceFlix (4-9) As the title would suggest, ScienceFlix has content for Science and is a great STEM resource. ScienceFlix provides resources for students to explore a topic in depth. There are also related web sites, lesson plans, project ideas and science experiments for some of the titles. ScienceFlix also provides critical thinking prompts and a downloadable comprehension quiz.

If you have questions about using any of these resources, please feel free to contact Pam Buysman, at Northwest AEA.