A student from Sioux City who has stuttered her whole life was recently featured in a national publication. The Stuttering Foundation, a national magazine for all people who struggle with speech, highlighted 10-year-old Jasmine in their Fall 2018 magazine and included a photo of her along with a short essay she wrote about her life and stuttering.

Nancy Kielhold, speech-language pathologist at Northwest Area Education Agency (AEA), worked with Jasmine at her school for many years until Jasmine recently moved to middle school. Jasmine wrote to tell young people that stuttering doesn’t have to negatively affect their life.

“Jasmine shared the strategies she uses to help smooth her speech patterns,” said Kielhold. “She is an inspiration to other kids her age. She was voted in and served on student council in fifth grade and was always willing to help peers who have special needs. Nothing will stop this very mature 10-year-old who hopes to one day be a dentist!”

Because of a courageous act to share her story, Jasmine will help others like her across the country to accept themselves as they are and go for what they want it life. Way to go, Jasmine!