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Listen to your heart
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:34, Slim Goodbody, 2009
Here's how you can hear a heart at work.

Strong heart beats less
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:01:15, Slim Goodbody, 2009
When your heart gets stronger, it pumps more blood with each beat.

Oatmeal good for your heart
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:36, Slim Goodbody, 2009
Oatmeal provides lots of energy to get you through the day. It can be very good for the health of your heart.

Health and Guidance, Physical, Eating Disorders
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Global Health
video, Primary - Senior High, 00:02:26, Worldwide Academics, 2006
A revolutionary technique has been developed for replacing heart valves. Video conferencing systems allow the technique to be taught throughout the world.

Super Tech
video, Primary - Senior High, 00:02:13, Worldwide Academics, 2006
Despite the latest surgical techniques half of all heart attack victims will die, but regular check ups and monitoring can decrease the risks associated with heart disease. A heart watch monitor may be able to save lives.

Volume 10: Cutting Edge Medicine
video, Primary - Senior High, 00:23:22, Worldwide Academics, 2006
This episode of Health Works features cutting edge medicine and real life health problems. We look at one instance where alcohol is actually good for the heart. We also discover some amazing medical developments brought to us from outer space and the world's population hits the 6 billion mark! How will this affect our lives?

Your Heart: An Owner's Guide (434540)
A comprehensive guide to heart health that provides information on the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of heart conditions such as hypertension, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, heart failure, and heart disease.

video, Primary - Senior High, 00:02:23, Worldwide Academics, 2006
A British campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the benefits of a healthy sex life, particularly on the heart. Please preview prior to using this video as it contains subject matter which may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Heart's Job
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:48, Slim Goodbody, 2009
Your heart is a very special muscle.

Check Pulse for heart rate
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:42, Slim Goodbody, 2009
Here's a way to know how fast your heart is beating.

Healthy heart exercises
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:00:53, Slim Goodbody, 2009
If you want a strong and healthy heart, you need to do the right kinds of exercises.