Online communities and learning networks are helping educators create innovative solutions to age old problems, and fulfill the promise of today and tomorrow's educational landscape. Because online learning is evolving quickly it is especially important for online teachers to connect and collaborate.

The 28 days of OLLIE is an excellent opportunity for online teachers to benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences, as well as gain insight into the newest innovations in online learning.

Throughout the month there will be coordinated opportunities for online teachers to connect with each other, engage, and learn together. It is our hope that at the end of this month the connections that are formed among and between the community members will extend beyond the 28 days and lead to community of online teachers that can support each other in future work.

What to Expect during the 28 days of OLLIE
28 days of OLLIE is meant to provide online teachers with learning opportunities focused on enhancing their ability to teach in blended or online environments. The community facilitators will host a variety learning opportunities or events for educators.

Community members will:
- Learn the “ropes” of being members of an online community
- Take a closer look at “What is Online Learning?” (examining different definitions and models, including
Personalized Learning, Blended Learning, and more)
- Examine implementing quality online learning (discussing what quality online teaching looks like, and
how one can improve their online teaching)
- Explore and learn about technology tools that support blended and online learning

Learn more in the attached flyer.