Starting Feb. 1 and continuing throughout the month, AEA PD Online will launch the 28 days of OLLIE online community for teachers. 

Part of the Online Learning for Iowa Educators (OLLIE) series, the community provides educators resources, live events, discussions, sharing and networking with other educators. It is the perfect learning place for teachers looking to add blended or flipped learning to their classroom.

Featured during 28 Days of OLLIE (+1 Bonus Day) will be daily events, activities and even contests with prizes to help acclimate educators to the community. 

Educators at all levels and those who support them are invited to participate. The first step is to join the community can be completed at

Once you’re signed up, you’ll receive regular updates about:

·       Webinars

·       Forums on topics related to teaching and learning online

·       Activities 

·       Resources

·       Badges

·       And much, much more!

To learn more, visit the following link: