Assessment & Intervention for Students with Visual & Multiple Impairments

February 10th & April 27th  (8:30 – 4:00) – LeMars, IA


February 11th & April 28th (8:30 – 4:00) – Holstein, IA

Instructor: Cynthia White-Botello, Special Education Consultant, Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired & Iowa’s Deafblind Services Project

Targeted Audience: Teachers, parents, associates, administrators, and AEA staff who work with students whose intellectual, conceptual, and functional skills are in the 0 to 2-year range of development. The assessments and interventions require a great deal of collaboration in order to determine how the materials should be applied for a given student, so it is recommended a student’s learning partners – parents, school and AEA staff - attend the training as a team.

Day One: Course participants will be provided an understanding of how to develop and implement instructional routines for children with visual impairments and significant additional disabilities including deafblindness. Content will include a review of what we know about learning for all children, then discuss how learning is different for children with visual and multiple impairments including deafblindness. Participants will learn about assessments to understand their student’s unique sensory/physiological needs, identify arousal states, determine motivators for instruction, and identify learning objectives within the student’s zone of proximal development. That assessment information will then be used to develop instructional routines with targeted learning objectives. Active learning theory by Dr. Lilli Nielsen will also be discussed.

Day Two: Course participants will review instructional routines and active learning strategies implemented after session one, and then move into developing calendar systems and meaningful literacy experiences. Calendars are an essential tool needed to promote communication, cognition and self-regulatory skills – not just another tool used to dictate the child’s day to him/her. It is a tool children have a vested interest in learning about in order to develop more control and understanding over their own lives. Literacy experiences need to connect to topics the student has some interest in learning about, using language or symbols within the child’s identified zone of proximal development. 

There is no cost and no credit available 

Please contact:

Cindy Baird 712-222-6021 to request accommodations for this class or

Cindy White-Botello 319-310-1322 if you have questions about the content.


To register for the class in Le Mars (February 10th & April 27th)

Le Mars AEA Service Center

940 Lincoln St. SW

Le Mars, IA


To register for the class in Holstein (February 11th & April 28th)

Boulders Inn & Suites

2011 Indorf Ave.

Holstein, IA