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AEA Digital Library: AEA Digital Library has a series of videos for Middle School Students entitled, Getting to Know: The U.S. Presidents. In addition to programs about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the series also includes segments on President Thomas Jefferson and President John Adams.

Learn360: Did George Washington really chop down a cherry tree? Find out by watching the video, Presidents' Day, 2nd Ed.: Holiday Facts andFun.  In addition, Learn360 has 127 additional videos about U.S. Presidents.

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BookFlix: BookFlix has eBooks about both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. You can also find out a little bit more about what it requires to be the President of the United States. Students can read the eBooks independently or have the books read to them. There are also activities and lesson plans that go along with every pair of books.

Britannica School: Find out more about Presidents’ Day, as well as more information about President Washington and President Lincoln in Britannica.  Britannica also makes it simple to select the appropriate reading level for students in your classroom without changing the look or level of the interface.

Gale: Infobits, one of the resources in Gale,  is designed with elementary students in mind. Find information about U.S. Presidents by choosing Social Studies and then drilling down to the topic of U.S.  Presidents. Find biographies on each U.S. President, as well as images and magazine articles.

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TeachingBooks: Looking for ways to use literature in your classroom? Teaching Books provides book guides, lesson plans, author interviews, and book trailers  to accompany children and young adult books. Use the book, George vs. George: The Revolutionary War as Seen From Both Sides, to help students understand perspective.

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TrueFlix: TrueFlix provides eBooks for students in grades 2-5. Locate a book about Abraham Lincoln or the Presidency. Choose to have the book read to the student or turn the read-aloud function off. Use the numerous activities, project ideas, lesson plans and additional activities that accompany the book to help build comprehension.

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MackinVia: MackinVia provides access to eBooks and digital audiobooks. Find a selection of 25 titles that provide information about United States Presidents, including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. The MackinVia reader has a built-in dictionary and allows students to take notes and highlight text. MackinVia also works on tablets and mobile devices. Provide access to books anywhere!

Lending Library: NWAEA still delivers materials to schools twice a week. Our lending library has a large collection of K-12 books on the Presidents, as well as multimedia content and DVDs.  Here’s the bibliography of everything available to you.