Last month, I talked about the importance of having an individual account or backpack in MackinVia. With a backpack, a student can do a variety of things that are not possible without one.

  • First of all, a user can designate a book as a favorite. This will provide easy access to favorite titles without the need to search for the title each time.

  • Users can also check-out books. Without the backpack account, students can read books online, but won’t be able to check them out or read them on a mobile device. When a book is checked out and downloaded to a device, there will be no need for an Internet connection.  

  • Students can also request books that are not currently available. Even though the content in MackinVia is digital; and therefore, it is technically possible to provide unlimited access, licenses will still determine how many copies can be checked out at a time. When the ebook or audio digital book becomes available, users will be notified by email or they will see a notification on MackinVia.

  • More importantly, however, are the features available in the MackinVia reader that, again, are only accessible with a backpack account. Readers will be able to highlight text and take notes. These notes can be retrieved in multiple ways and can also be downloaded to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Notes will also be available indefinitely, even after the book is checked in.  Readers can use the bookmark, just as they would in a print copy of book, if they have a backpack account as well.

MackinVia is just one additional avenue for students to access books and audio books.  While both print and digital content each have advantages, students can have access to these materials 24/7 at both school and home.

If you have questions, about using MackinVia, please don’t hesitate to ask.