Vocabulary.com logoVocabulary.com is one of the additional online resources purchased by Northwest AEA for our schools. I recently learned that Vocabulary.com has added an interactive game or as they call it a Vocabulary jam, where students can learn vocabulary words in a gamified environment. Instructions on creating a jam follow.

  1. Start with any Vocabulary List. Search Vocabulary.com’s list library, or create your own list.
  2. Click “Start a Jam!”  Look for the "Start a Jam" button in the “Activities” section on the List page.
  3. Customize your Jam. You’ve got a lot of options – how many teams... how many questions to include... the average difficulty of the questions... how much time to give players, etc. As a subscriber to the Educator Edition, you even get to customize the questions for the Jam.
  4. Invite some players. You’re the host of this Jam, so now it’s time to invite some people to join in. Every Jam has a six digit Jam Code. Tell players to go to https://vocab.com/jam and enter your Jam Code. If you’re the host, you can also join the game if you want – simply click the “Join as Player” button at the top of the Jam.
  5. Start the Jam! When you are ready to kick things off, click “Start the Jam.” Players will get a 5 second warning and the first question will appear for everyone.
  6. Answer quickly – but be careful! Questions in the Jam are timed (you can also play untimed), so you’ll need to think fast.  The faster you answer, the more points your team earns.  But don’t answer too quickly – if you get a question wrong, your team will lose points. Not sure of the answer? No problem – players don’t need to answer every question.
  7. Rematch! At the end of the Jam, click the rematch button to automatically create a new Jam with the same vocabulary list, players and teams.  You’ll just get different questions.

If you have questions about creating an educator account, or creating a customized vocabulary list or creating a jam, please feel free to contact me at pbuysman@nwaea.org or (712) 722-7816 or (800) 572-5073. Happy jammin!!