Here is a great resource for you or some of your teachers, parents, or administrators...maybe all of the above! ReThinking Behavior is a great online magazine...and it's FREE. Freddish—Mr. Rogers, Austin is In One of His Moods Again, and more. Take a look at this magazine. All previously published issues and other info about the magazine can be found at the MSLBD—ReThinking Behavior Web page.

The goals of RETHINKING Behavior are to:

  • lend support, affirmation and a sense of collegiality among those who work with students with emotional, behavioral and/or mental health needs;
  • provide thoughtful discussion, analysis and commentary on issues;
  • provide current information about practice, policy and research;
  • present personal stories and perspectives of children and youth, their families, service providers, educators, and others; and
  • offer humor, parody, fiction and some fun!

There is actually a great MSLBD conference coming up at the end of February, and Northwest AEA's own Seth Piro will be one of the headliners!