Want a strategy for classroom management that has a big bang for your buck? Active supervision is your answer. As teachers, you’re likely doing these things inherently, but I want you to to move from being unconsciously competent to consciously competent. I want you to be intentional about how you interact with kids, and using Active supervision can help you do that. It’s also a great vehicle to deliver a lot of additional behavior strategies that we know work really well such as pre-correction, positive reinforcement, and behavior correction/reteaching in the moment, differential reinforcement, etc

Active supervision involves three key pieces—move, scan, and interact. Midwest PBIS Network has created a Snapshot on Active Supervision, which includes what it is, why we do it, and a short self-assessment/coaching tool. Their snapshot describes these three actions as follows:

Moving throughout the space: Using proximity by continuously moving throughout the learning environment to monitor, support, and be present.

Scanning: Visually sweep areas to monitor, prevent, and/or reinforce behavior.

Interacting: Providing feedback to students to reinforce, prevent, or teach academic and behavioral skills.

Try this in your classroom tomorrow, or when you’re on recess duty, or as you’re walking through the hallways! It’s a small change for a big impact.