I would like to take this opportunity to bring attention to the MTSS Framework in the context of school-wide positive behavior intervention and supports (SWPBIS), social emotional learning, and specifically, a great newly published resource on AEA Learning Online for best-practices needed to address bullying behavior. 

As Gage, Rose, and Kramer (2019) concluded, “SWPBIS is an evidence-based framework for reducing ODR and school suspensions but may not alone be effective at addressing bullying in schools. Unlike problem behaviors that typically lead to ODR and suspensions, such as noncompliance or disruptive behavior (Gage, Lee, et al., 2018), bullying is much more dynamic and involves intentionality, repetition, and an imbalance of power (Gladden et al., 2014). SWPBIS alone does not address the critical features of bullying and, based on our findings, does not have a distal effect. However, research supports and we believe that integrating evidence-based bully prevention and intervention programs with SWPBIS has the potential to increase positive outcomes for both problem behavior generally and bullying specifically.”

Gage, N. A., Rose, C. A., & Kramer, D. A. (2019). When Prevention is Not Enough: Students’ Perception of Bullying and School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. Behavioral Disorders, 45(1), 29–40. https://doi.org/10.1177/0198742918810761

This winter’s issue of ReThinking Behavior has an article on school bullying that is worth the read. MSLBD is hosting a A Free Webinar For Educators Serving Students with Behavioral Needs on Monday, February 15 at 4:00 PM CST. Click here for more information. 

NEW Bullying and Harassment AEA Learning Online Module

The following was sent out to superintendents across the state. While this is not a required training, it is a great way to catch up on the most current best-practices regarding the prevention and intervention of bullying and harassment:

The Iowa Department of Education is releasing a new Bullying and Harassment AEA Online Module in January 2021. This is the first release of ongoing work for Iowa

schools and can be found by accessing this link, Bullying/Harassment Prevention and Intervention - Foundations.

The department in collaboration with Area Education Agencies, UNI’s Mentors in Violence Prevention and Dr. Chad Rose, Associate Professor of Special Education and

Director of Mizzou Ed Bully Prevention Lab, University of Missouri, created an integrated, multi-tiered approach to the bullying dynamic. The work supports Iowa’s

Differentiated Accountability (DA) model designed to provide support and compliance with state and federal laws for continuous improvement.

Bullying/Harassment Prevention and Intervention is critical to create positive school climates conducive to learning. Student roles (bully, bully-victim, or victim) are dynamic and can change depending on time or context, but perhaps more importantly, based on the Social Emotional skill sets students possess. The module outlines foundations of Bullying Defined, Types of Bullying and Environmental Conditions, Conflict vs. Bullying, Role Affiliation (Bully, Bully-Victim, Victim), Law and Policy, and the Continuous Improvement Process.

The module is created for individual (30 - 45) minute sessions and supports Iowa Law 280.28 (4a.) “Provide training on anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies to school employees and volunteers who have significant contact with students.” For questions or feedback, please contact Terese Jurgensen, Education Program Consultant (Bullying).