AGS 2001 Everyday Life Skills Student Edition (444700) Copyrighted 2001 Publisher American Guidance Service (1011) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Synopsis Curriculum for previewing purposes only.

American Artist 2010 / January (444725) Collection Professional Collection Series American Artist: July / 2009 through June / 2010 (3939) Synopsis Professional Periodical Contents Best Advice on Painting with Acrylics, Watercolors, Oils & Pastels; Achieve Drama & Sensitivity with Pastels; Design Better Coastal Scenes; Compose Varied Landscapes with Acrylics; Winslow Homer's Summer Paintings.

Career and Technical Education Advisor 2009 / December (444751)
Collection Professional Collection Series Career and Technical Education Advisor: August / 2009 throug (3877) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 5, Issue 10 Contents Feasibility study helps determine CTE priorities; News briefs: ED earmarks $773M for CTE:more; CTE advocates urge Congress to boost Perkins funding; Education's role in Workforce Investment Act debated; Career exploration day shows student options.

Ceramics Monthly 2009 / December (444791) Collection Professional Collection Series Ceramics Monthly: September / 2009 through June / 2010 (3957) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 57 Number 10 Contents Tina Gebhart and other potters discuss the design, production, use, and terminology of pots.

Cobblestone: Discover American History 2009 / November (444779) Collection Professional Collection Series Cobblestone: Discover American History : July / 2009 through (3878) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 30, Number 9 Contents John Adams: The Making of an American Dynasty; An Adams Ahead of Her Time; Meet Mr. Independence.

Critters of Iowa (444684) Distributor Adventure Publications, Inc. (4875) Publisher Adventure Publications, Inc. (4875) Audience Primary, Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High (PIJS)

Developmental Studies Center 2003 Grade 1 Teacher Edition: Making Meaning: Strategies That Build Comprehension and Community (444742) Copyrighted 2007 Collection Professional Collection Synopsis Curriculum... Preview purposes only.

Differentiated Grading: Why Fair Isn't Always Equal, 6-12 (Windows) (444690) Physical Color Copyrighted 2007 Producer Crystal Springs Books (1357) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis This is a four-part series. Rick Wormeli explains the guiding principles of successful grading in the differentiated classroom. CD-ROM 1: the subjective nature of grading; CD-ROM 2: understanding what the teacher will accept as evidence of mastery, and how to grade special education students in inclusion classes and gifted students; CD-ROM 3: the purposes of grading and making informed instructional decisions; CD-ROM 4: the case for responsive grading and reporting systems that accurately reflect differentiated classes. System requirements: A Windows-based PC (program will not work on a Mac) with Pentium 800 or higher processor; Windows 98, ME, 2000, or XP; windows Media Player 9 or higher; CD-ROM drive; 384 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended); 1024 x 768 video resolution recommended; DirectX 7.0 or higher; sound card and speakers. 4 CD-ROMs, transparency masters and study guide. Contents 4 CD-ROMs, transparency masters and study guide.

Faces: People, Places, and Cultures 2009 / November (444778) Collection Professional Collection Series Faces: People, Places and Cultures: July / 2009 through June (3880) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 26, Number 3 Contents The Many Faces of Santa Claus; Flying Reindeer and Super Fast Travel; What Does Santa Look Like Around the World.

Friends Who Care: A Disability Awareness Program for Elementary Students (444694) Physical Color; Sound; 45 minutes Copyrighted 1990 Distributor PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Producer PEC AEA8 Parent Educator Collection (4568) Audience Primary, Intermediate (PI) Synopsis Designed for third and fourth grade non-disabled students. Assists children to build disability awareness and facilitates the mainstreaming process. Increases knowledge of disabilities, fosters positive attitudes toward persons with disabilities, and promotes acceptance of people with disabilities in all aspects of school and community life. Contents 1-45 min. videocassette, 5 Posters, 1 teacher's guide, and 8 worksheets. Gen Note Developed by the National Easter Seal Society.

The Mailbox Teacher's Helper Intermediate: 2009 - 2010 / December - January (444717) Collection Professional Collection Series The Mailbox Teacher's Helper Intermediate: August / 2009 thr (3869) Edition Volume 24, Number 6 Contents Inferences and Conclusions; Graphs and Data Distribution Improving Essays; Dividing Larger Numbers and Decimals; Westward Movement; Seasonal & Holiday.

Odyssey: Adventures in Science 2009 / November (444780) Collection Professional Collection Series Odyssey : Adventures in Science : September / 2009 through J (3905) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 18, Number 9 Contents Einstein: The E-factor; Einstein's "Cool" Invention; Could Einstein Be Wrong?

Rocks, Fossils And Arrowheads (707640) Physical 41 pages Copyrighted 2001 Publisher NORTHW (1676) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Takes you into the fun world of geology, introducing 15 common rocks and minerals, 5 kinds of fossils, and 7 different arrowheads and artifacts. Author EVERT, LAURA

Six-Minute Solution: A Reading Fluency Program (Primary) (444731) Copyrighted 2007 Distributor Sopris West (1023) Publisher Sopris West (1023) Audience Primary (P) Collection Professional Collection Synopsis The Six-Minute Solution is a research-based program based on proven, practical principles. Reading fluency increases when each student is paired with a same-level peer and when intense, one-minute repeated readings are combined with partner monitoring and feedback. Working in pairs is highly motivating, and students enjoy seeing their skills grow. This easy-to-follow instructional technique helps all students—in general education, special education, Title I, and English Language learner programs—become confident, effective readers. Author Adams, Gail & Brown, Sheron

Social Skills Training for Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome and Social-Communication Problems (444695)
Physical 231 pages Copyrighted 2003 Distributor AMAZON.COM (3193) Publisher Autism Asperger Publishing Co. (4596) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Concentrates on the 70 skills that most commonly cause difficulty for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and social-communication problems. Each identified skill lesson is accompanied with a reproducible skill handout, as well as activity sheets listing ways teachers and parents can demonstrate, practice, and reinforce the skill in the classroom and at home. Focuses on communication skills of conversational skills, cooperative play skills and friendship skills, as well as the emotional managment skills of self-regulation, empathy, and conflict management. Sample topics inclue: how long you can look at somebody with out being accused of staring, how to shift topics, how to say no to peer pressure, dealing with a sensitive topic, and giving criticism in a positive way. Author Baker, Jed E., Ph.D.

When Every Second Counts: Mini-Inservice for Handling Common Classroom Behavior Problems (444713) Physical Color; Sound; 270 minutes Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Pacific Northwest Publishing (4876) Producer Pacific Northwest Publishing (4876) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis In this DVD Mini-Inservice Program, behavioral expert Dr. Randy Sprick guides your staff through nine focused discussions on common problems that detract from instruction and learning. Mini-Inservice sessions — conveniently designed for either 15- or 30-minute implementation — conclude with targeted tips from Dr. Sprick. Author Sprick, Dr. Randy Contents 1 DVD (nine 30-minute sessions) and 1 CD (31 digital reproducible pgs.)