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Chinese New Year (450158)
394.261/MAC; MacMillan, Dianne M; K-12 books, I, 48p, Follett, 2008; 0766030385
Explains the history of Chinese New Year and describes how it is celebrated.

Best Holiday Books
Edition Rev. and updated [ed
Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 47) and index.
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20100908053200.0

Peace Bell (442463)
F/PRE3; Preus, Margi; K-12 books, P, Follett, 2008; 0805078002
Yuko's grandmother shares the story about how the temple bell in her village was taken away during the war to be melted down, but after an American Naval crew found it abandoned in a Japanese shipyard, the bell was later returned as a gesture of friendship.
Edition 1st ed
CastTakahashi, Hideko
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20090602063100.0

A New Year's Reunion (000529)
F/YU; Yu, Li-Qiong; K-12 books, P, 40p, Candlewick Press, 2011; 0763658812
Little Maomao, whose father works in faraway places, barely recognizes him when he comes home for his annual visit for Chinese New Year, but she quickly warms to him amidst the excitement of the holiday, and it seems the time passes much too quickly until he must leave again.

New Year's Celebration
video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:03:14, Lou Reda Productions, 2002
Watch the ball drop in New York City's Times Square on December 31, 1935, and see people celebrating the start of a new year.

New Year's Poems (008402)
811.008/NEW; K-12 books, PI, 32p, HOLIDAY HOUSE, 1987
A collection of poems celebrating the new year by a variety of authors.

Happy New Year, Everywhere! (700892)
394.26/ERL; ERLBACH, ARLENE; K-12 books, P, 48p, 2000
A cross-cultural look at new year celebrations around the world. Features instructions for a craft or game or recipe to invite the young reader to join in the celebration.

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown (066955)
Videocassette, PI, 25, Barr, 1986
Presents the story of the Peanuts gang spending New Year's Eve at Peppermint Patty's party. Tells how Charlie Brown decides to stay home to finish reading War and Peace for his book report instead of going to the party.

President Elect: Oath of Office
video, Preschool/Kindergarten - Intermediate, 00:01:07, Slim Goodbody, 2009
According to the twentieth amendment to the Constitution, a Presidents term of office begins at 12 pm on January 20th of the year following an election. The President must recite the Oath of Office.

Orange in January (436816)
F/AST6; Aston, Dianna Hutts; K-12 books, P, 32p, Follett, 2007; 0803731469
An orange begins its life as a blossom where bees feast on the nectar, and reaches the end of its journey, bursting with the seasons inside it, in the hands of a child.
CastMaren, Julie

January Holidays and Celebrations (052206)
Boxed books, P, SC,
Contains 5 books. Titles include: Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Happy New Year, Everywhere!; New Year's Day; Chinese New Year.