Happy New Year! I wish you well in 2013.

There are many challenges before us this year, but they were all put into perspective with the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.  We never know what we will end up facing in our positions. The safety of our children comes first, along with high learning expectations.

Many of you became educators to improve the lives of children, and you would do almost anything to protect your kids. That is not a just our job, that is our calling.

The Connecticut Teacher of the Year, David Bosso, said it best, as he expressed his thoughts about the tragedy:

“To so many, the educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School demonstrate that the core values of education mirror the greatest ideals of humanity; and they are exemplars in this regard. They offer us hope and reinforce our belief in the goodness of others and the power of education. In an era of accountability, standards, testing and data, they affirm that what ultimately matters most are the immeasurable lessons and the enduring relationships teachers cultivate with their students.

“To the educators of Sandy Hook Elementary School, thank you for the powerful, inspiring example of dedication and compassion you have given us. You have made, and continue to make, a difference to so many. In the midst of this unfathomable loss and profound sorrow, you have buoyed our spirits and given us hope. Because of your passion, courage, sacrifice, and devotion, I am once again reassured to proudly declare to educators everywhere: Never again say, ‘I am just a teacher.’”

Never again say that you are JUST a principal, JUST a superintendent, JUST a teacher, or JUST an educator… Please continue to build relationships and care for each other. It’s really all that matters! For it is these people who change lives, just as we demonstrate in our next article about little Reise at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn. Without you, our children might not reach their potential.

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Educationally yours,

Dr. Tim Grieves
Chief Administrator