Kevin Honeycutt, technology integrationist, staff developer, educator, author and world-wide speaker, will present, "Boring is not possible if you have an imagination" from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Jan. 13 at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. Cost is $100, which includes lunch. Click here to register.

This day will include a blend of many topics, such as:

    Digital Dumpster Diving - explore a host of free and affordable tools that teachers can begin using tomorrow to empower learning where they live.
    Challenges & Opportunities for Today's Learning Mind - delve into multi-tasking, quick researching, opportunity seeking mind and imagine ways we can empower students to become skillful in using the tools of today to become better learners, headed toward a bright future.
    Cyber-bullying - focuses on teaching kids positive behaviors with digital tools and in virtual places. This presentation also offers suggestions for guiding kids away from behaviors that are damaging to victims as well as bullies. Kevin will share resources and sites that are helpful for mentors of "digital" kids. This is a balanced conversation that illuminates many positive digital tools that educators can use to bring out the best in kids.
    Creating Meaningful Learning - Sitting in a desk having teaching done to you for eight hours a day can cause some learners to lose their passion for school permanently. Let's explore the idea of making learning meaningful and irresistible using a bit of drama and today's amazing technologies.
    Creativity Is Essential - Creativity is all but extinguished in some schools and classrooms. Nobody meant for it to happen, but with our focus almost exclusively fixed on test scores, we find ourselves waging all out war on anything seen as non-essential. In these days of invention and the need for creative problem solving, it turns out we in education may have taken the low ground in a time of a coming flood. Join me for a discussion about the need for creativity and some ideas about bringing it into daily learning.

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