Written by Jess Jensen, Reading Recovery Teacher in Schleswig
Reprinted with permission from the 2014 Reading Recovery Site Report for Northwest AEA

In March, I received an email from Jana O’Brien telling me about the great news she had received at her son Nainoa’s spring conferences. Nainoa, now in 4th Grade, had scored at the 10th Grade level in reading on his Iowa Assessments! 

Nainoa is one of those children that a teacher never forgets. He came into Reading Recovery as a first round student and discontinued at a Level 16 in early December that year. He ended that year reading a Level 26. I was able to get to know him in the Reading Recovery setting and in my 1st Grade classroom. He was a charmer with the cutest dimples imaginable. I was even lucky enough to receive emails from Nainoa sent from his home computer after school hours. I must say that he and I had a bond. 

I was able to catch up with Nainoa at his current school at OA-BCIG. He still has a love for science and enjoys building things with Legos and tools. He chooses to read books about animals and realistic and historical fiction. When he gets bigger he’d like to become a veterinarian and live close to his mom and dad. 

I’m so proud of his accomplishments and so thankful that Jana thought to share this exciting news with me!