Northwest AEA board member, Roger Brinkert, was honored on Nov. 17 as IASB presented him with a certificate for completing the IASB Better Boardsmanship requirements.

At the Iowa Association of School Boards’ (IASB) 71st Annual Convention on Nov. 17, Northwest AEA board member, Roger Brinkert, was honored with an individual Award of Achievement for 2015-16. The IASB Better Boardsmanship Awards Program highlights board members who have put forth extra time and energy to strengthen their boardsmanship abilities. IASB offers a range of activities that board members can participate in to earn credits for this award. These activities include IASB learning events in person and online, as well as advocating with legislators or sitting on board-appointed committees.

IASB Board President, Amy Jurrens, commended Brinkert for his hard work. “These board members have shown dedication and commitment to professional growth, to ensure they are prepared to make a difference at the board table and for students,” Jurrens said.

This acclaimed award was presented to 103 local school, AEA and community college board members.