It’s the middle of the school year, and sometimes we feel like we’ve used all the tools in our toolbox! Typically when we start thinking, there has to be something else out there, the best thing to do is go back to the basics, or back to the fundamentals of classroom management. There is a phenomenal document called Supporting and Responding to Behavior: Evidence-based Classroom Strategies for Teachers. This resource has a self-assessment, an interactive map of the core features, and great one-pagers on best practices. Each practice includes a description of the critical features, examples and non-examples (for both elementary and secondary settings!), as well as empirical support and resources. 

I would encourage any teacher to take the self-assessment and look through the features to see where, even in the subtlest way, improvements can be made. It is only through creating structured, calm environments with clear expectations that students can feel safe, supported, and ultimately, learn the problem solving and academic skills needed to be successful beyond these school years.