Gratitude: The Key to Self-Care Success

The smallest change for the greatest effect. A simple, powerful notion that was brought to us in last month’s edition. As we reflect on what 2020 has left in its wake and look to 2021, it is quite clear that self-care is paramount. There are countless self-care strategies—it can be daunting to determine where to start. The smallest change for the greatest effect? Gratitude. Practicing gratitude makes other self-care practices easier to implement and more effective when you do, but has powerful outcomes on its own, too. The outcomes of practicing gratitude are really pretty predictable: increased happiness, increased activity levels, increased ability to relish in the good, increased work ethic/productivity at work, improved physical health, improved mental health, reduced stress, stronger relationships and increased optimism. 

Are you already starting to narrow down your New Year’s Resolution ideas? Those who practice gratitude have more will power. People who practice gratitude are better at saving their money, following a diet, resisting so many other temptations we encounter daily. So, whatever you choose as your resolution, pair it with a gratitude strategy and you are more likely to sustain your efforts. 

There are countless ways to incorporate gratitude into your day. One simple strategy is the 2-Minute Morning (1 minute video) routine. Another strategy is A-Z Gratitudes—when you wake before getting out of bed (or at night to help you fall asleep) name something for which you are grateful for each letter of the alphabet. A gratitude journal is a very effective tool. Schedule a time of day that it makes sense to you (at the start of your day, at the end of the work day, before bed) by deciding what timing will give you the most benefit. Combine any of these with a 30-day challenge to keep yourself accountable by using this fun fidelity check.









2020 has brought plenty of challenging moments, but, undoubtedly, there have been moments of goodness, too. On the rough days, sometimes it helps to gain a little perspective to remind ourselves of the wondrous nature of just being.