Welcome to 2021!

Where do I start? Do I make a resolution to lose weight like I do every year only to put lots of pressure on myself and feel like an even bigger failure at the beginning of March when I have not met that goal? Do I run 5 miles every day and not take a break? Do I vow to be a new person in the new year? (I have also failed at that one many times :)) What do I do? All the pressure and this was supposed to be my year! HA!

In one of my previous articles, I shared that I chose a word for 2020 and that word was "wellness." I also shared with you how I have worked very hard to get myself healthier on the inside and the outside. I am doing the work but as my therapist would tell you, there is still plenty more work to do! I am thinking about a few things I learned in my last professional learning session with Tina Boogren. If you have not had a chance to attend one of her sessions sponsored by Northwest AEA virtually, you are missing out! She is completely uplifting, inspiring, fun, a wealth of knowledge, very resourceful, and mood-altering! A seventy-five-minute session with Tina flies by and leaves me wanting more. I am so excited she will be offering more sessions starting Jan. 7th! She will also be our featured speaker and a phenomenal way to close out our MTSS Coach Day on March 10th.  

Now, back to what I learned from her that I want to employ in 2021. She shared a list of 21 things she wants to accomplish in the year 2021. I have found some blank templates that I want to use for this. I have even seen one that also asks for your word of the year. Perfect :) So what are 21 things I want to accomplish in 2021 without setting myself up for failure or putting too much pressure on myself or adding one more thing to my already overflowing plate? I would love to say travel somewhere new each month, but that isn’t always realistic. I would love to say write a book, but I don’t know what I would write about and that is daunting. I have secretly wanted to get a tattoo for the last few years and I think it would be fun to do with my daughter as a final hurrah before she leaves the nest. I need to eat more fruits and veggies each day. That is doable! Every year I keep track of how many books I read and I always try to increase from the previous year. I can do that! I need to incorporate more mindfulness into my day. Maybe I can find an app to help me remember to do that. To be completely honest, I would love to create a podcast. That is so scary as I would be putting myself out there and what do I have to say that anyone wants to listen to? I am going to think about that one a little more. I ran my first 5k on Thanksgiving morning. I would like to enter a real race with other people in the spring. I am noticing my mood changing as I think and type this. How exciting! Maybe I won’t be the perfect specimen of health or write a best-selling novel in 2021, but I am going to continue to focus on being the best me that I can be. Bring it on 2021! I have been waiting for you! 

A former student who has lost almost 200 pounds told me this week, “I just try to have more good days than bad days.” I could not have said it better myself!  What will you do to be the best you in 2021?

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