Thank you to all who coach others and those who open themselves up to grow from coaching!

As we roll into the new year, please take a minute to reflect back and thank someone who coached you to grow over the last year.

"Coaches are inherently involved in multilevel conversations with a variety of school staff because of their distinct and meaningful relationships between teachers and administration. They are uniquely positioned as leaders and resources when interacting with individual teachers on specific classroom routines and teams that make higher stake decisions for larger cohorts of students. Coaching that increases an individual teacher’s knowledge in a particular domain and enhances the level of implementation fidelity of evidence-based practices to improve student outcomes is referred to as practices coaching. Guidance that increases the capacity of a school or district team to implement MTSS to enhance student outcomes and to develop the infrastructure to sustain MTSS over time is known as systems coaching." - The Coaching Field Guide, 2019