Early ACCESS is a partnership between families with young children, birth to age three, and providers from the Department of Education, Public Health, Human Services, and Child Health Specialty Clinics. The focus of Early ACCESS is to support caregivers to help their children learn and grow throughout their everyday activities. This means Early ACCESS providers work with parents and other caregivers to help their children learn.

One Person = A Team of Specialists

➢ Your team will include at a minimum, an early childhood special educator, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a nurse, and a speech language pathologist.

➢ Your PSP (Primary Service Provider) is the ONE person from the team whom you will see most often, and they collaborate with members of a larger team to serve you and your child.

➢ Every family will also have a service coordinator.

Quarterly Team Meetings

➢ The team will discuss needs at least quarterly.

➢ It will be documented on an Individual Family Staffing Report.

➢ You will be notified and invited when these brief team meetings are going to occur.

What is Coaching?

➢ You will have the opportunity to work together supporting parents/ caregivers on priorities.

➢ It will involve observation, problem-solving, and practice.

➢ Review of the plan to determine which activities work best for your child to grow and develop.

Visits to Support Activities

➢ YOU and your PSP will be working closely together.

➢ You will develop and work towards goals together.

➢ Your PSP will talk with you and share information about child development, parents ideas, and resources in the community.

Daily Activities for Learning

➢ Learning opportunities center on your child’s interests and your family’s everyday activities.

➢ Children are more likely to pay attention to and learn during activities that they find fun and interesting.

➢ Time together will be spent identifying the things that are important to you and that you would like to work on.

Resources: https://www.iafamilysupportnetwork.org/early-access-iowa/what-is-ea