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13 Stripes to 50 Stars: The Growth of America (451183) Physical Color; Sound; 16 minutes Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Mazzarella Media (4281) Producer Mazzarella Media, LLC (4706) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Synopsis Briefly reviews key events in the history of America and American government. Stills and timelines are superimposed over a map of the U.S. as students witness the expansion of the U.S. from one coast to another and into the Pacific Ocean. PB Mazzarella Media, LLC. PG intermediate/junior high. ISBN # 1929944586

Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (451210) Physical Color; Captioned; 33 minutes Copyrighted 2010 Distributor New Dimension Media/Questar (3947) Producer New Dimension Media/Questar (3947) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Algebra Nspirations & Applications (5305) Synopsis Using the TI-Nspire graphing calculator, Part I explores the meaning of probability and concepts such as the Law of Large Numbers, the foundations of Probability Theory, and the notion of regression analysis. Demonstrates how the TI-Nspire can model random events that would take many hours to generate and record otherwise. Uses dog breeds and gray wolves as an example of univariate and bivariate data that can best be illustrated using the TI-Nspire. Looks at data on gray wolves' recovery to illustrate regression analysis with bivariate data. Highlights the importance of choosing the most appropriate mathematical model for the analysis of real-world data; working with the model and applying the findings back to real-world situations. Part II uses the mortgage crisis of 2008 as the background for demonstrating how data analysis and probability are used in finacne and economics. Investigate of mortgage rates, payments against principal and the creation of equity. Covers defaults, foreclosure, sub-prime mortgages, boxic holdings, obligations, amortization tables, cumulative sum formula, credit score, delinquency rate, and the effect of mortages rates on housing markets.

Amazing Planet: Ocean Realm (L111789) Physical 50:21 minutes Copyrighted 2007 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer National Geographic (4314) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series Amazing Planet (5311) Synopsis Beautiful, bewildering, and mysteriousour oceans dominate our planet. But how did they form and why haven't they evaporated? Starting with the primordial weather burped out of the molten earth and rained back to earth as liquid, National Geographic investigates the awesome power of our water world. Hold on tight as our time-machine propels you backwards and forwards through the geological history of our truly Amazing Planet. We'll journey from the mind-bending beauty of coral reef shallows to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench while glimpsing everything in between. We'll take a wild ride as the great oceans generate our wildest weather, and we'll even get to take a peak into our ocean's possible future.

Career and Technical Education Advisor 2011 / February (451203) Copyrighted 2011 Collection Professional Collection Series Career and Technical Education Advisor: August / 2010 throug (4388) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 6, Issue 12 Contents Know what it takes to help students with IEPs succeed in CTE; Briefs: Report lauds competency-based pathways; Report: Infuse 21st century skills, CTE to boost workforce; Engineers help spark STEM interest in students, parents.

Choosing Web 2.0 Tools for Learning and Teaching in a Digital World (451234) Physical Illustrated; 221 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Libraries Unlimited (1156) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis An illustrated overview of Web 2.0 tools that can be useful in classrooms or school library programs, explaining the benefits of digital literacy, and describing social bookmarking sites, media sharing, social networking, digital mapping, and related topics. Author Berger, Pam. Author Trexler, Sally. PG Professional ISBN # 1591587069

Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns (451233) Physical Illustrated; 256 pages Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher McGraw-Hill (0414) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Presents ideas that challenge twenty-first-century education techniques, focusing on innovation and challenging tradition, and describes customized learning, the importance of computers and technology, competing in the global class room, and more. Author Christensen, Clayton M. Author Horn, Michael B.; Johnson, Curtis W. Edition Updated and expanded new ed. PG Adult ISBN # 007174910

Frindle (451311) Physical Illustrated; 121 pages Copyrighted 1996 Series LRS large print cornerstone series (5326) Synopsis When he decides to turn his fifth-grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control. Author Clements, Andrew Author Selznick, Brian Edition [Large print ed.]. PG 4.6 -3-6 ISBN # 1581180624

Great Women Rulers In World History (Same as Famous People of the World) (L112232) Physical 48:46 minutes Copyrighted 2007 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Worldwide Academics (5065) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series World History & Culture (5324) Synopsis This extensive program examines the lives of women leaders and their effect through history.

Healthy Dating Relationships: Head Over Heels? How to Keep Your Balance (451176) Physical Color; Captioned; 26 minutes Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Mazzarella Media, LLC (4706) Producer Mazzarella Media, LLC (4706) Audience Junior High, Senior High, Adult (JSA) Series Play It Out (5299) Synopsis Explores the characteristics of a healthy dating relationship. Viewers learn how to develop and maintain a healthy dating relationship and to know if theyre in a healthy relationship. The program discusses communication skills necessary to build healthy relationships and demonstrates how respect, honesty and compromise play an important part in all relationships. PB Mazzarella Media, LLC. PG junior high/high school/college. ISBN # 1934119865

iWrite: Using Blogs, Wikis, and Digital Stories in the English Classroom (451236) Physical 138 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Heinemann (4828) Audience Adult (A) Synopsis Provides strategies for using wikis, blogs, and digital storytelling to improve the literacy skills of students, covering safety, authenticity, practice, relevance, meaning and identity, interest and inquiry, cognitive development, community, process, and motivation. Author Wilber, Dana J. PG Professional ISBN # 0325013977

Kevin Red Star (L112441) Physical 24:26 minutes Copyrighted 2005 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Earth Magic Media (5063) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series From the Spirit: Season I (5308) Synopsis Kevin was born and raised on the Crow Reservation in Montana. As a teenager he attended the, then brand new, Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is now widely regarded as one of the foremost artists of the Northern Plains.

My Life in Dog Years [large print] (451270) Physical Illustrated; 176 pages Copyrighted 1998 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Thorndike Press (5069) Audience Intermediate, Junior High (IJ) Synopsis The author describes some of the dogs that have had special places in his life, including his first dog, Snowball, in the Phillippines; Dirk, who protected him from bullies; and Cookie, who saved his life. Author Paulsen, Gary. Author Paulsen, Ruth Wright Edition Large print ed. PG 5.2 -5-8 ISBN # 0786261889

Population Crash: Disappearing Horseshoe Crabs (451245) Physical Color; Captioned; 30 minutes Copyrighted 2010 Distributor New Dimension Media/Questar (3947) Producer New Dimension Media/Questar (3947) Audience Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High (IJS) Series Nature Science Education (4087) Synopsis Follows a scientific investigation that reveals the link between declining populations of horseshoe crabs and red knots. Each year red knots migrating from Tierra del Fuego, stop along the Delaware Bay to feed on horseshoe crab eggs in preparation for their 4,000 mile journey to Arctic breeding grounds. Wildlife biologists using various types of tagging and biometric observations have discovered that unregulated use of horseshoe crabs as bait, threatens both species. The episode details the life cycles and synchronicity that are common in nature, attesting to the disastrous effects that can occur when these patterns are interrupted PB New Dimension Media, Inc. PG intermediate/junior high/high school. ISBN # 9781607210788

The Rise & Fall of The Soviet Union, Part 1 (L112240) Physical 60:58 minutes Copyrighted 1995 Distributor Learn360 (4307) Producer Worldwide Academics (5065) Audience Junior High, Senior High (JS) Series World History & Culture (5324) Synopsis This two-volume set chronicles 700+ years of Russian history. You will learn about the Tsar of Russia, Ivan The Terrible, all the way through the fall of the USSR. Explore the real Russia, rarely seen in film, photos, posters, and prints from secret vaults of the U.S.S.R. Please preview prior to using this video as it contains subject matter which may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW (451096) Physical B&W and Color; Sound; 35 minutes Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Video Project (0117) Audience Intermediate, Junior High, Senior High, Adult (IJSA) Synopsis This inspiring film tells the story of the Bay Institute's STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed). In 1992, Laurette Rogers' 4th-grade class asked her what they could do to save endangered species. It was a simple question that would change their lives. Partnering with ranchers, scientists, government agencies, and schools, this remarkable effort led to the restoration of 20 miles of habitat for the endangered California freshwater shrimp in the Stemple Creek watershed of Sonoma and Marin counties. In the process it galvanized the local community and led to significant educational innovations by connecting classrooms with their local watershed. The STRAW Project serves as testimony to the importance of empowering children, which in turn transforms us all. PB Donnenfield, David.; White, Kevin.; Coyote, Peter.; Bay Institute of San Francisco.; Video Project. Credits Produced, written, and directed by David Donnenfield and Kevin White; editor, Greg O'Toole ; camera, Don Starnes, Eli Adler, David Donnenfield, Kevin White, Wa Ho Chan. PG intermediate/junior high/high school/college.