The new and improved AEA Media Catalog is ready and waiting for you! The online reservation system allows you to check out instructional resources located at Prairie Lakes AEA in Pocahontas, as well as from the Sioux City and Sioux Center locations of Northwest AEA, in a single search.

The new patron catalog is called SNAP, and it has an updated, modern look. Similar to other Iowa AEA Online databases used by teachers, SNAP allows users to easily filter or narrow searches to find specific instructional resources. Ordering materials is as easy as filling your cart with the resources you want and submitting your request. Northwest AEA anticipates ordering more digital content in the future, and SNAP has an embedded video player that will allow teachers to view and download digital videos purchased by Northwest AEA or Prairie Lakes AEA.

If you have any questions about the new system, please contact Ann Derochie, circulation coordinator in the Sioux City office, at 712/222-6065, or Kim Noteboom, circulation coordinator in the Sioux Center office, at 712/722-4378 ext. 7817.

To search the Media Catalog, please click here or go to the Northwest AEA website and click "Media Catalog" on the right:

Contact your teacher librarian if you do not know your password or contact Northwest AEA at the numbers listed above.

Here is a small sample of the tens of thousands of titles available:

1000 Best New Teacher Survival Secrets (430281)
371.1/BRE; Brenny, Kathleen & Martin, Kandace; Professional book, A, 464 pg, Follett, 2005; 1-4022-0550-3
Today's teachers are equipped with little more than a four-year degree and a semester of student teaching when they face their own classroom for the first time. Standing in front of an overcrowded classroom-of any grade level-can be a daunting and terrifying experience. 1000 Best New Teacher Survival Secrets is a must-have resource for new teachers, covering important issues across all grade levels.

1,000 Miles In 12 Days (023003)
796.62/HAU; HAUTZIG, DAVID; K-12 books, PI, 32 pg, ORCHARD BOOKS, 1995
For 1,000 miles, over mountains, through towns, in rain and blazing sun, professional bicyclists race every year in America's top bicycle race, the Tour DuPont. See the riders use all their skills - drafting, sprinting, attacking - as photographer David Hautzig follows the 1994 Tour from start to finish and looks behind the scenes.

100 Best Careers (701052)
331.7/FIE; FIELD, SHELLY; K-12 books, JS, 305 pg, 1999
This is a comprehensive guide to 100 of the best careers for the millennium and beyond. It is designed as a resource for those planning their careers, those just entering the job market, and those hoping to change careers. This resource was purchased for Area 12 with regional grant monies.

100 Days and 99 Nights : A Novel (442554)
F/MAD4; Madison, Alan; K-12 books, I, 137 pg, Follett, 2008; 0316113549
As Esme introduces her stuffed animal collection that is alphabetically arranged from Alvin the aardvark to Zelda the zebra she also relates her family's military life and her father's deployment.
Edition 1st ed
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20090602063100.0

100 Library Lifesavers: A Survival Guide For School Library Media Specialists (097834)
027.8; Videocassette, PI, 30 min, Sound-Color, Libraries Unlimited, 2000
Offers practical advice on a variety of subjects, from completing library inventory, handling overdue materials, and establishing a book club to teaching Internet research skills and improving PR. Includes a tip (guidelines for implementation), a tool (reproducible handout or form), and talk (advice from practicing professionals) for each lifesaver subject. Bibliography. Index. ISBN 1-56308-750-2.
You Can Write Anything

100 Ways to Build Teams (202649)
658.49; Scearce, Carol; Professional book, A, Skylight Publishing, 1992
Presents easy-to-use techniques for building trust, establishing a team mission, selecting a leader, and celebrating successes.

10 Questions Science Can't Answer (Yet): A Guide to the Scientific Wilderness (434044)
500/HAN; Hanlon, Michael; K-12 books, JS, 192 pg, Follett, 2007; 0230517587
Identifies ten scientific questions on a number of interesting topics and explains why these compelling mysteries remain unsolved.
Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20080312050900.0

10 Things I Can Do to Help My World: Fun and Easy Eco-Tips (442020)

333.72/WAL; Walsh, Melanie; K-12 books, P, Follett, 2008; 0763641448
Simple text and die-cut illustrations describe ten ways children can help the environment, such as turning the water off when they brush their teeth and using both sides of a piece of paper.
Edition 1st U.S. ed
Note Cover title. On die-cut lift-the-flap pages. Die-cut cover.
ANPU003 ICrlF 005 20090521063300.0

125 Ways to be a Better Student (410016)

371.36; The Staff of the Communication & Learning Center; Professional book, IJSA, Sound-Color, Lingui Systems, 1987
This book is designed to meet the needs of students with weak organizational and study skills, whether seen individually or in group or classroom situations.

The 10th Mountain Division in Training

Video, Intermediate - Senior High, 00:11:21, Janson, 2008
This video clip chronicles the early history of the first 10th Mountain Division and their lengthy and brutal training during WWII. View the fiasco of their first deployment in Alaska during the Kiska Ridge Campaign.
Keywords: World War II, soldiers, WWII, 10th Mountain Division