From Camp High Hopes:

Dear Professional:

As a professional and advocate that works to support the special needs of students with disabilities, we would like inform you of a new and enriching opportunity for those students.  Camp High Hopes, a modern and fully accessible facility located in Sioux City, started offering camp sessions in September of 2012.  We offer enriching and adaptive recreation experiences for children, teens, and adults with disabilities.

Many professionals from across Iowa have stated their support for Camp High Hopes.  You can read some of them here:

·         "Camp High Hopes presents an enriching experience for people with special needs that will offer a lifetime of memories of the outdoors and friendships. We are extremely fortunate to have such a unique opportunity in our tri-state area." - Tim Grieves, Chief Administrator at Northwest Area Education Agency (Sioux City, IA)

·         “Camp Courageous cannot handle the demand on our facilities and we have wanted to get behind a similar facility with the same desire for the highest standards in facilities, staff, and board....and an integrity that is the best of the best...and we have found it in Camp High Hopes.”   - Charlie Becker, Executive Director, Camp Courageous of Iowa (Monticello, IA)

·         “Camp High Hopes is a benefit to children and adults with disabilities in our community.  Having the opportunity for that “camp experience” is something that everyone looks forward to.  The individuals at Opportunities Unlimited enjoy having an opportunity to go to camp and experience all the excitement and camaraderie that the camp environment brings.”  - Stephanie Brown, President & CEO, Opportunities Unlimited (Sioux City, IA)

·         “Spending a week at camp is something many children look forward to year after year and children with special needs are no different. By providing a camp specifically set up to serve the needs of children with disabilities, Camp High Hopes brightens the lives of the children we serve and is the highlight of their summer experiences!”  - Cindy Weimold, Executive Director, Faith, Hope, and Charity (Storm Lake, IA)

Please be sure to check out the 2-page flyer attached to this email to learn more about what Camp High Hopes can offer.  We hope that you will share this information with parents/caregivers so that they can be aware of the new opportunities available for their child at Camp High Hopes.




Ali Langseth                                                            Jonathan Mauk, C.T.R.S.

Executive Director, Camp High Hopes                     Camp Program Director, Camp High Hopes

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