Do you want to be an athletic coach? By taking a four-course sequence of classes, you can earn a coaching authorization which will certify you to become a head or assistant coach in any sport, without having had prior college coursework.

The four courses needed for this program are (1) Human Growth and Development; (2) Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries; (3) Structure and Function of the Human Body; and (4) Theory and Ethics of Coaching Interscholastic Athletics.

Classes will meet beginning on March 7 at Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn High School from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  To get all four courses, it will go until June 9. Attendance is required at all sessions. Cost is $475 for this five credit hour program. The registration deadline is February 27, 2015.

For more information or to register for these classes, check the Northwest AEA website. Select the link on the left side of the page, select the link for “Search for Professional Development." Under “Catalog Classes/Conference/Workshops,” click on register.  

You can also contact Joyce Vander Wilt at Northwest AEA at or 800-572-5073 ext. 7805.