The American Biology Teacher 2011 / April (452139) Copyrighted 2011 Collection Professional Collection Series The American Biology Teacher: August / 2010 through May / 20 (4402) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 73, Number 4 Contents A Role-Playing Exercise That Demonstrates the Process of Evolution by Natural Selection: Caching Squirrels in a World of Pilferers: An exercise that allows students to explore evolutionary processes for themselves; The Truth about Models: How Well Do Mechanical Models Mimic the Observed Gender Distributions in Two-Child Families?: Failure to question the assumptions of models may perpetuate myths rather than elucidate biological realities; The Power of Plants: Introducing Ethnobotany & Biophilia into Your Biology Class: Do you teach biophilia to your class?; The Relation of High School Biology Courses & Students' Religious Beliefs to College Students' Knowledge of Evolution: How do students' experiences with evolution and creationism in high school affect their views when they arrive at college?; Building Creative Scientists in the Classroom Laboratory: Applications for Animal Behavior Experiments: Using animal behavior to produce creative young scientists; Fostering Students' Inquiry Skills: Developmental Time & Offspring Rates of Flour Beetles: Teach scientific methods and ecology principles together; Teaching Principles of Experimental Design While Testing Optimal Foraging Theory: TA simple field study to introduce students to experimental design; Teaching Cultural & Botanical Connections: Ethnobotany with Tea: Brewing tea can engage students in delving into the world of ethnobotany in a way that impresses them for the rest of their lives. Subjects Biology

The Ant's Nest: A Huge Underground City (451585) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Bearport Pub (4326) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Spectacular Animal Towns (5326) Synopsis Photographs and illustrations introduce young readers to how ants build large underground nests, raise their young, and take care of their queen. Author Aronin, Miriam. PG 5.3 -3-6 ISBN # 1597168688 PL QL568.F7 A73 2010

Baseball Pals (451693) Physical Sound; 20 min Copyrighted 2008 Distributor Follett (0985) Producer Findaway World (4278) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Voted captain, Jimmie declares himself pitcher. But Paul is a better pticher. Book by Matt Christopher, ISBN: 0329027417. Contents 1 hardcover book, and 1 case containing 1 digital audio player, 1 set of ear phones, and 1 lanyard. Gen Note Book of 97 pages. Player issued on Playaway, a digital audiobook. Cast Narrated by Norman Dietz.

The Buzz on Bees: Why Are They Disappearing? (451998) Physical Illustrated Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher HOLIDAY HOUSE (1427) Audience Primary, Intermediate (PI) Synopsis Examines possible causes for the disappearance of bees, discusses how the loss of bees can affect food and clothing, and explains how scientists are trying to solve the mystery. Author Rotner, Shelley. Author Woodhull, Anne Love. Edition 1st ed. PG 4.2 -K-3 ISBN # 082342247X PL SF538.5.C65 R68 2010 Gen Note Includes bibliographical references.

Dizzy Izzy (451834) Physical Illustrated Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Aladdin (4504) Audience Primary (P) Series Ready-to-roll. Level 1 (5369) Synopsis Izzy, the ice cream truck, tries to get himself dizzy. Author Scieszka, Jon. Author Shannon, David.; Long, Loren.; Gordon, David.; Design Garage. Edition 1st Aladdin pbk. ed. PG 0.9 -K-3 ISBN # 1416941452 PL PZ7.S41267 Diz 2010

Experiments With Weather and Climate (452025) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher GARETH STEVENS PUBLISHING (2424) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Cool Science (1841) Synopsis Provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions for simple science experiments that focus on weather and climate, and includes troubleshooting and safety tips. Author Bassett, John PG 6.5 -3-6 ISBN # 1433934477 PL QC981.3 .B384 2010 Contents The water cycle -A hygrometer -Making clouds -Hailstones -Making a flood -Rainbows -A weather vane -An anemometer -Build a barometer -Making a thermometer -Energy from the sun. Gen Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 31) and index. Subjects Science Experiments; Weather—Experiments—Juvenile literature; Weather—Experiments; Climatology—Experiments—Juvenile literature; Climatology—Experiments Call# 551.6/BAS

Focus on Exceptional Children 2011 / March (452095) Copyrighted 2011 Collection Professional Collection Series Focus on Exceptional Children: September / 2010 through May (4524) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 43, Number 7 Contents Teaching Word Identification to Students with Reading Difficulties and Disabilities.

Getting to Know Art Media (S05346) Physical Color; Sound Distributor Getting to Know, Inc. (4092) Producer Getting to Know, Inc. (4092)

How to Deal with Autism (451905) Physical Illustrated; 24 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher POWERKIDS PRESS (2396) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Kids' health (5387) Synopsis An introduction to autism that discusses how the disorder affects life at home and school, and also describes treatment options, medications, and other related topics. Author Robbins, Lynette. Edition 1st ed. PG 6.3 -3-6 ISBN # 1435834216 PL RC553.A88 R627 2010 Contents A boy with autism -What is autism? -Signs of autism -Everybody's different -Asperger's syndrome -What causes autism? -Treating autism -Dealing with autism -What if a family member has autism? -Life with autism. Gen Note Includes index. Subjects Autism; Autism in children—Juvenile literature Call# 618.92/ROB

How Video Game Designers Use Math (452059) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Chelsea Clubhouse (4374) Audience Intermediate (I) Series Math in the Real World (4450) Synopsis Looks at some of the many ways in which video game designers use math on a daily basis to customize settings, characters, and actions for the games they create. Author Egan, Jill. PG 6.1. -3-6 ISBN # 1604136030 PL QA76.76.C672 E33 2010

La Bohème (451723) Physical Color; Sound; 25 minutes Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Film Ideas (0087) Audience Senior High (S) Series Opera Easy (5352) Synopsis Highlights the story of a sickly French girl, her Bohemian lifestyle, and her one, absorbing love. Provides a taste of the arias that have made the opera famous. Also summarizes the composer background to the opera.

Light and sound (451856) Physical Illustrated; 48 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Raintree (4633) Series Sci-hi. Physical science (5377) Synopsis An illustrated introduction to light and sound that covers acoustics, reflection, refraction, rainbows, and other related topics, and includes a quiz, a glossary, and a list of resources. Author Hartman, Eve. Author Meshbesher, Wendy. PG 6.1 -5-8 ISBN # 1410933784

Many Ways to Move: A Look at Motion (452056) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher LERNER PUBLICATIONS (1497) Audience Primary (P) Series Lightning bolt books. Exploring physical science (5403) Synopsis An introduction to motion that discusses force, gravity, speed, direction, and other related topics, and provides everyday examples and instructions for an activity. Author Boothroyd, Jennifer PG 1.9. -K-3 ISBN # 0761354344

Mathematics Teacher 2011 / April (452141) Copyrighted 2011 Collection Professional Collection Series Mathematics Teacher: August / 2010 through May / 2011 (4410) Synopsis Professional Periodical Edition Volume 104, Issue 8 Contents Flower Power: Sunflowers as a Model for Logistic Growth: Using sunflowers and a spreadsheet, precalculus and calculus students derive, develop, and explore a model for logistic growth; Learning to Map and Mapping to Learn Our Students' Worlds: Maps at four levels of scale - global, national, regional, and local-provide a context for mathematical investigations that help teachers learn about their students; A Conceptual Approach to Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities: Using number lines sweeps away the mystery of working with absolute values and empowers students to make connections between procedures and concepts; Integrating Mathematical, Technological, and Pedagogical Knowledge in Teacher Preparation: A capstone sequence of courses for preservice teachers helps them learn relevant mathematics content more deeply; Robotics 101: In a real-life application of trigonometric identities, students learn how to move a robot's arms; Do It Right: Strategies for Implementing Technology: These classroom-0tested strategies enable teachers to make the best use of available technology to enhance stude3nts' mathematical success.

My Friend Has ADHD (451984) Physical Illustrated; 24 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher Picture Window Books (3751) Audience Primary (P) Series Friends With Disabilities (5397) Synopsis Explains some of the challenges and rewards of having a friend with ADHD using everyday kid-friendly examples. Author Tourville, Amanda Doering Author Sorra, Kristin PG 2.6 -K-3 ISBN # 1404857494 PL RJ506.H9 T556 2010

Rocks, Fossils And Arrowheads (707640) Physical 41 pages Copyrighted 2001 Publisher NORTHW (1676) Audience Intermediate (I) Synopsis Takes you into the fun world of geology, introducing 15 common rocks and minerals, 5 kinds of fossils, and 7 different arrowheads and artifacts. Author EVERT, LAURA

Sea Anemones (451736) Physical Color; Sound; 6 minutes Copyrighted 2011 Distributor Film Ideas (0087) Producer Film Ideas (0087) Audience Primary (P) Series Creature Features - Film Ideas (5356) Synopsis Each program provides up-close, live action photography and age appropriate narration. PB Film Ideas (Firm) PG kindergarten/primary. Gen Note Menu includes on-screen summary of sea anemone characteristics.

Teach like a champion : 49 techniques that put students on the path to college (451833) Physical Illustrated; 332 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Jossey-Bass (1208) Audience Adult (A) Series Jossey-Bass Teacher (1667) Synopsis Describes forty-nine strategies for effective teaching that can close the achievement gap and encourage and support college attendance, and includes a DVD-ROM. Author Lemov, Doug Edition 1st ed. PG Professional ISBN # 0470550473 PL LB1025.3 .L48 2010

What Can You Do With Money?: Earning, Spending, and Saving (451973) Physical Illustrated; 32 pages Copyrighted 2010 Distributor Follett (0985) Publisher LERNER PUBLICATIONS (1497) Audience Primary (P) Series Lightning Bolt Books. Exploring Economics (5395) Synopsis Provides an introduction to earning, spending, and saving and discusses goods, services, and how people choose what to buy. Author Larson, Jennifer S. PG 2.0 -K-3 ISBN # 0761339108 PL HD4909 .L25 2010 Contents Earning money -Goods and services -Many kinds of jobs -Making choices -Spending money. Gen Note Includes bibliographical references (p. 31) and index.