The Loess Hills Prairie Seminar is sponsored annually by Northwest Area Education Agency for educators, students, park and conservation persons, community leaders, and citizens. It's held in the Loess Hills Wildlife Management Area northeast of Onawa.

The seminar is a living memorial to its founder, Carolyn Frerichs Benne, a former Western Hills Area Education Agency environmental educator. She started the seminar in 1977, as part of the Western Hills AEA's role in providing education and training for K-12 educators in the areas of conservation, environmental and science education. From 250 to 300 adults and students regularly attend the weekend event.

The philosophy and rationale are grounded in the concept of the "total village" – the belief that schools are part of the larger community that must come together to share and learn about the natural world and how to protect it.

For more information, please visit the Northwest AEA website.