Northwest AEA's Early Childhood staff recently partnered with students from The University of Iowa College of Nursing to create a Growth & Developmental Calendar for a child's first year. The calendar offers a place to include monthly photos of the baby, parental activities and tips, developmental milestones, immunizations, growth and nutrition information. 

The project supports the mission of Early ACCESS, which is Iowa’s early intervention system for families with infants and toddlers who have a health or physical condition affecting their growth and development or a delay in their ability to plan, think, hear, see, eat, talk or move.

Early ACCESS staff works with families to:

• meet goals for children and family;

• get to the people, information, and programs needed;

• provide services and supports at home, in the community, or at childcare; and

• discover what works best for children.

Early ACCESS is a partnership between families with young children, birth to age three, and providers from the Departments of Education, Public Health, Human Services, and the Child Health Specialty Clinics. For more information, please call 712/222-6050.

The calendar can be downloaded at the top of this article.