Instead of picking a topic and sharing the available resources we have on that topic, we will highlight one of our newest Iowa AEA Online resources and the content that can be found there.

Digital Library


AEA Digital Library is primarily a resource where teachers can find streaming video from popular educational producers. The content is purchased directly by all AEAs in Iowa.  The content can be streamed from the AEA Digital Library site or videos can be downloaded and saved to your computer, server, or the cloud, depending upon how you save content at your school.


Here’s a sampling of the newest titles from Weston Woods, a producer that animates popular children’s books. You might recognize Weston Woods from content in BookFlix.  Here are the links to all of the videos. You will need to know your Iowa AEA Online username/password.


Human Relations Media has many titles that interest driver’s education teachers,  health education teachers and guidance counselors, as well as classroom teachers. A sampling of titles follows: