The Iowa Association of Area Education Agencies is pleased to announce the 2017-18 contracts for online database subscriptions, commonly referred to as Iowa AEA Online. Those databases are:

  • Britannica Online

  • BookFlix

  • CultureGrams

  • Gale Resources

  • Learn360

  • Rosen Teen Health and Wellness

  • SIRS Issues Researcher


  • TrueFlix

  • FreedomFlix (New for grades 5-8)

  • ScienceFlix (New for grades 4 and up)

  • iClipArt for Schools


The AEAs will also continue to offer purchased, copyright free audio resources from Soundzabound, and the AEA’s own digital video collection in the AEA Digital Library.

You will notice that two current Iowa AEA Online resources, AP Images and Atomic Learning, are not included for next year. While it was difficult to not select these databases, the selection committee gave close examination to patterns of usage to make their final determination.

The selection committee that includes AEA library professionals, Iowa Department of Education consultants, as well as AEA content experts and LEA teacher volunteers reviewed and tested proposals from more than 30 vendors.
AEA Media Services seek to provide resources that support and supplement the local school’s curriculum content.