One of the things the AEA’s have tried to do when purchasing online resources is to work together to do statewide purchases. In this way, all students and teachers in Iowa have equitable access to the same core group of resources while keeping costs for purchasing these resources low. Iowa AEA Online is a testament to how this has successfully worked in the past. 

A recent example of this is MackinVia. All of the AEAs in Iowa now use MackinVia as their portal for ebooks and digital audio books. Periodically, a representative from each AEA meets to look at purchasing content for MackinVia, again leveraging the buying power of a statewide group. In the near future, MackinVia will be adding social studies titles that support the new statewide social studies standards. Available Iowa Award book titles (Goldfinch, Children’s Choice, Teen Award, and High School Award) will also be added to the collection soon. Available formats will be both ebooks and also digital audio titles. Northwest AEA has also purchased additional titles for schools and schools have the option of also purchasing their own digital content. 

Have you explored the digital resources available in MackinVia? You can access the site by going to Initially you’ll log in by using your Iowa AEA Online username and password. If you don’t know that information, please contact the AEA. After accessing the site, I would recommend creating an individual account so you’ll be able to more fully use the MackinVia ereader. To see a list of the most recent materials added to MackinVia, you can can click here.